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The Cameos of Solatorobo

by James Jones - September 9, 2011, 4:48 am EDT
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Meet the characters from other CyberConnect2 projects that you'll find across the Shepherd Republic.

When I saw the very first assets from CyberConnect2’s Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, I was captivated. The art depicted a vibrant world of floating islands with a whimsical twist: the entire population is comprised of mech-using anthropomorphic dogs and cats. At the time, I was unaware of their history of similarly themed creations. Solatorobo, I later found out, is part of the larger Little Tail Bronx series.

In 1998, CyberConnect2 released the first entry in the Little Tail Bronx series, a PlayStation 3D action-adventure title that also featured mech-using dog and cat people. Tail Concerto took place in the Kingdom of Prairie, a collection of islands neighboring Solatorobo’s Shepherd Republic. It starred Waffle Ryebread, a canine police officer who is investigating the Black Cat Gang and the magical crystals the gang is collecting.

As a bit of homage to its predecessor, CyberConnect2 included cameos for the following Tail Concerto characters in Solatorobo.

Waffle Ryebread – The lead character of Tail Concerto, he operates a mech as part of the police forces in the service of the Kingdom of Prairie. He is in pursuit of the Black Cat Gang and is a laidback kind of “guy.”

Panta – A fellow police officer, who offers assistance to Waffle. However, his small stature limits his effectiveness in combating the schemes of the Black Cat Gang.

In Solatorobo, Waffle and Panta have pursued the Black Cat Gang to the Shepherd Republic.

Waffle and Panta are on the case

Alicia Pris – Leader of the Black Cat Gang, Alicia is the antagonist of Tail Concerto. She is a childhood friend of Waffle, but generally dislikes the canine people. She is accompanied on her adventures by her two sisters.

Stare Pris - The middle sister of the three Pris sisters, she is more reserved than either of her siblings but travels with her gang-leading sister anyway.

Flare Pris - The youngest of the Pris sisters, she is more energetic than either of her older sisters. She isn't driven by the same animosity towards canines as Alicia, but is instead just a mischievous kid.

In Solatorobo, the Pris sisters go to the Shepherd Republic on a sightseeing tour, leaving mischief in their wake.

I hope that's a travel guide

Princess Terria – Daughter of the king of the Kingdom of Prairie, she is prone to reckless disregard for her own safety. In Tail Concerto she works with Waffle to stop the Black Cat Gang.

Cyan – A mech pilot, and captain of the palace guard, he and Waffle are rivals for Terria’s affection.

In Solatorobo, true to form, Princess Terria has followed the action to the Shepherd Republic, accompanied by Cyan, albeit with the foresight to go in disguise.

Cyan and Terria not currently disguised

The second entry in the Little Tail Bronx series isn’t a game at all.

Mamoru is a character designed by CyberConnect2 for the Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan fire prevention and safety system. He and his friends hail from the lands of Nipon (in Japanese, Japan can be written as “Nippon”) and currently reside in the Kingdom of Prairie. Much like the Tail Concerto characters, Mamoru and friends make an appearance in Solatorobo.

In Solatorobo, Mamoru and his father have traveled to the Shepherd Republic to assist in crime and disaster prevention. Their experience allows them to assist in a rescue mission during the course of the game.

Hello, Mamoru

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be out in North America on September 27. It is being published by XSEED Games.



MataataSeptember 09, 2011

I've been wanting to play this game since I read about it in Nintendo Power last month (or was it last-last?).  They mentioned the tie-in with Tail Concerto, but they didn't really talk about the cameos.

There's a review of the game in this month's review section, and apparently it's a blast.
Plus, who couldn't love those awesome character designs?

UltimatePartyBearSeptember 10, 2011

I like how the artist gave Mamoru's father a tough old guy look with a Schnauzer style moustache.  That's actually pretty impressive.

Mamoru is awesome. I don't know why, but he just seems awesome.

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