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Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 Contest

by Evan Burchfield - September 24, 2006, 5:51 pm PDT

Want to be on PGC's Podcast? If you've got the skills, we'll put you on air and give you Naruto stuff too. BELIEVE IT!

The winners have been announced!

The winners are:

Matt, with his Radio Free Nintendo Rap.

KnowsNothing, with his fast-talking but sad Naruto story.

And Jesse, with his bizarre Gollum/Mickey Mouse impersonation.

Please click here to listen to the Podcast that features all three winning commercial spots!

Planet GameCube and D3Publisher of America are pleased to announce the Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 Contest. To celebrate the launch of Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 this week, D3Publisher has graciously donated three copies of the game and other Naruto swag for us to give out. But we aren't going to let it go easy; you have to IMPRESS us!

Naruto Clash of Ninja 2

PGC's podcast Radio Free Nintendo has been sorely missing some audio advertisements since its inception, and instead of doing it ourselves we're enlisting you to help us out.

There are two ways to enter. You may pick one of the two methods, or do both, but you can only win once.

The First Method Record us a 15 to 30 second audio spot that mentions Naruto somehow. You can advertise the game, advertise the podcast, do a public service announcement, be creative, but it MUST mention Naruto. Winning entries will be played on our podcast!

The Second Method Don't want to record any audio? Write something for us to say instead! The second way to enter our contest is to write a script to be acted out by us on RFN. The cast can include any of the four regular casters: Mike, Evan, Stan, and Karl. This script should take between one and two minutes to read out loud. You can make it a monologue for one staffer to read, or a short play for all four of us. Nothing profane or lewd, and it must mention Naruto. And be creative! Include directions for sound effects or music cues (nothing copyrighted) and we'll do our best to follow them.

Some extra rules: One entry per entrant. Audio files should be submitted as MP3. If you need some tech help, ask for it in the forums and I'll see what I can do. Please keep file sizes small - this doesn't need to be encoded at a high bitrate. 128 or lower will be fine. Feel free to include music and fancy sound effects, but nothing copyrighted please. Also, our podcasts are PG-13 at worst, and rarely anything over PG, so keep profanity and lewd dialogue out.

We will be accepting entries until 11:59 Eastern Time on October 16th - anything late will not even be listened to, even if I know you and like you a lot, (same goes for you, Mom).

Speaking of which, no employees or family members of employees at Planet GameCube or D3Publisher of America are eligible to win. So don't enter. But if you want, you can send me your great audio spots anyways and I'll play them if they're good (you hearing this Mom?).

What's the criteria for winning you ask? Well, humor is always a big plus, but a dramatic thirty second noir script may win me over too. Whatever you do, make it original. Avoid saying "BELIEVE IT!" cause, really, we don't need to hear it. If you're familiar with either A) Naruto, B) Planet GameCube, or C) Radio Free Nintendo, then you can surely think something up.

All entries can be sent to contest@planetgamecube.com. Please include your real name, the name you want posted on the website, and your address. All comments, questions, and discussion can be handled in the Talkback Thread.

Three winners will be selected to receive a prize pack including all of these awesome items:

Chill Naruto Wristband


Cool Naruto Backpack


Naruto Playing Cards FTW


Naruto on DVD

I Heart you Naruto

And of course, Naruto Clash of Ninja 2!

Naruto, Hot

UPDATE! We are now awarding a PGC T-Shirt to every winner! There will also be a grand prize winner who will get awesome (read: old, unwanted) video games from my apartment!

Please send your entries to contest@planetgamecube.com

Please note: Any violation of above contest rules will render an entrant ineligible for prizes. We, Planet GameCube, will ship prizes worldwide but we are not responsible for their usage in regions outside the United States. By submitting an audio file or text script you authorize Planet GameCube to post it on the website and use it on our Podcast. All work submitted to us become our property. We will administer contest rules and judge the contest based on our discretion alone. Feel free to ask us questions if you need clarity on ANY of the rules, either by e-mail or in the Talkback thread.

Thanks again to D3Publisher of America for the great swag.

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