Camp Hyrule 2003

Every year, Nintendo holds a virtual "camp" for online gamers to get together and play mini-games and generally pal around in an informal setting. They call it "Camp Hyrule", and it's usually a pretty good dose of fun.

Nintendo has updated it's Camp Hyrule website with the dates of registration, and the week of the camp itself. Registration will take place July 29th through July 31st, with the camp taking place the week of August 11th.

So what happens at Camp Hyrule? In general, you visit a flash "campsite" where some mystery needs to be solved, and is slowly uncovered over the course of the week. In addition, you and the other members of your "cabin" will take part in contensts and games to earn points, with the best cabin getting a virtual merit badge of sorts. But overall, it's basically a week-long chat event, with not only other gamers, but members of Nintendo's own Game Counselling staff as well.

Date 2003-08-11

Product Event Media

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