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Episode 275: Iggy's Not Throwing Away His Shot

by John Rairdin and Neal Ronaghan - June 4, 2021, 9:13 am EDT
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John saw the restored Super Mario Bros. movie and then we dig into E3 2021 predictions.

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If you remember a world with Big Bertha, the Boom Boom Bar, and E3 2020, then you'll love this week's episode of Connectivity. John and Neal kick things off by talking about the restored version of the Super Mario Bros. movie before diving into some listener mail about video game books, early RPGs, and more.

A handful of sure-to-be-wrong Nintendo E3 2021 predictions later and the duo gaze back at a hopeful feature from 2019 - one where we tried to make way-too-early predictions for E3 2020 (aka an E3 that never existed).

Send in some listener mail to feed us some talking points and questions. We like hearing from you and sometimes we give things away. Feel to harass the Twitter account as well.

Edited by Alex de Freitas


Cool Uncle VinceJune 06, 2021

Some More Book Recommendations: I highly recommend Boss Fight Books' "NBA Jam: The Book" by Reyan Ali.  It ends up being a great history of Midway & Williams in the 80s & 90s.

If you want books that describe a bunch of games, FanGamer.com has Jeremy Parish's books that have writeups on every Game Boy, NES, and SNES games by chronological release.  A Virtual Boy book is forthcoming. HG101 also has great books on the Castlevania and Shin Megami Tensei series.

FanGamer also has a Legends of Localization series that goes in-depth on the language localization choices for the original Legend of Zelda and Earthbound, written by the guy who did the Mother 3 translation.

Lastly, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for StoryBundle.com.  About twice a year, they have bundles of digital videogame books (like Humble Bundle), and I usually get something new that's good.  They also often have HG101, Boss Fight Books, and Jeremy Parish books in there.

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