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Episode 183: The Three Podcasters

by Nicholas Bray, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - July 26, 2015, 5:31 pm EDT
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Time to move down to the third party for a little chat.

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Welcome to episode 183 of Nintendo World Report's Connectivity podcast.

This week the trio of podcast hosts band together once again. To kick things off they discuss a little of what they have been up to, games such as Splatoon and Etrian Odyssey are briefly touched upon.

The main discussion topic this week is about third party games on Nintendo systems. What do people like about them? How well do these games sell? Do Nintendo fans shun third parties?

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This episode was edited by Nicholas Bray

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KisakiProjectJuly 27, 2015

I'd be down for a ZombiU retroactive.  I loved that game.  I wish Nintendo had moneyhatted the sequel.

skarznomoreJuly 28, 2015

I'd be down for a playthrough of Zombi U. I've only gotten through the first few missions and got too scared to continue. Lol.
But, if you guys are going to go through it, I'm down. Let's make it interactive and it should be a lot better.

SorenJuly 29, 2015

Umm can we get an October ZombiU/RE Revelations/Fatal Frame 5 triple header going?

Since we recorded this, we started making rough plans to do some sort of ZombiU thing in October. Stay tuned!

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