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Episode 118: Tropical Smoothie

by Alex Culafi, Daan Koopman, Zachary Miller, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - January 25, 2014, 10:10 am EST
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Iwata's future, games we've been playing, and a discussion about the first half of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!

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Hello and welcome to Connectivity! This week, we have two segments for you.

Opening the show, Alex, Mike, and Zach answer some listener mail. Specifically, what does the future hold for Iwata if he is fired as president of Nintendo?  After that, the boys discuss what they've been playing lately, including Pushmo, Epic Mickey 2, SteamWorld Dig, EarthBound, and NES Remix.

After that, Daan joins Scott to preview the first half of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Don't worry, there aren't any real spoilers here. Instead, Daan breaks down the differences between Returns and Tropical Freeze, illustrates how each of the Kongs is used in levels, and applauds the excellent music.

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This episode edited by Scott Thompson.


I have no idea why I let the Sakurai thing go so fast. Thanks for the heads up Disco Stu. Holy ****.


Wanna know how they make money on the Pokedex iOS app?

$1.99 for the base which gives you a good set of Pokemon (the Unovadex), then $6 a shot for the other sets. Including the Sinnoh, Hoenn, and useless (Kanto/Johto) sets.

NeifirstJanuary 26, 2014

Much respect to Zach on the Earthbound discussion.  I never played it on Super NES, so the Wii U was first time.  I too suffered through the awful, awful battles and kept wondering what I was missing.  I wish I had given up after a few hours instead of getting nearly to the end.  Get me Final Fantasy II/III, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana instead.

mustbeburtJanuary 27, 2014

First of all - thanks to everyone involved in the show.  I look forward to it every week!

Secondy - WTF, guys!  I feel like I have to say, "Watch the Spoilers!".  So, I know that Super Mario 3D World has been out for just over 2 months... but I personally don't have it yet.  My birthday was a week ago today and my family ordered it for me.  It is supposed to arrive today and I am totally pumped.

So, last night I booted up this latest edition of Connectivity (which, I have been a listener of since the first episode of "Newscast").  Anyways, Mike brings up Super Mario 3D World and before I have time to get my ipod out of my pocket to push the skip button, he drops a spoiler bomb!  Specifically - the last boss of the game.  Now, of course it's not THAT much of a spoiler, being a Mario game and all, but hey - you never know.

I guess my thing is - if you know it's a huge spoiler (to quote Alex, "That was actually a mad huge spoiler."), then please bleep it out or something.  Or add a warning at the beginning of the segment (maybe in post-production?).  Of course, I'll continue to listen and support the show, but I was just disappointed that it was spoiled for me on the eve of me playing the game.

Again, thanks again for all the work you guys do!

I looked up one of the green stars and totally saw a picture of the final boss. :( I might not be so quick to look up guides anymore. It's like the only spoiler in all if Mario-Dom.

mustbeburtJanuary 29, 2014

Oh man!  Bummer!  Yeah, I've been really careful not to watch videos and stuff.  And every time the game has come up on a podcast (the ones here at NWR, as well as stuff like Weekend Confirmed), I just skip ahead!  I think it's fine to talk about "spoilerish" stuff after a certain point, but warnings are crucial.

mustbeburtJanuary 29, 2014

By the way - I got the game on Monday and I've been loving it!

geckog7February 01, 2014

The thought of dodging all of those octopus testicles in that DK stage sounds terrifying. :-\

(Just giving you a hard time Daan, I'm actually jealous of your multi lingual skills  :D )

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