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Episode 30: PAX-oholics

by Alex Culafi, Zachary Miller, Lauren Ronaghan, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - April 14, 2012, 9:42 am PDT
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Xenoblade, PAX roundup, and live Jeopardy!

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Welcome to episode 30 of Connectivity! We survived PAX, and are here to regale you with stories of our voyage.

But first, Alex sits down with Scott to talk about Xenoblade Chronicles. He just reviewed the highly-anticipated JRPG, and he is here to convince everyone of its excellence. Plus, he addresses the controversy of his "N64-quaility graphics" remark by throwin' up middle fingers and doing the old D-Generation X suck-it motion.

After that, Neal, Lauren, Scott, and Zach spill the beans on PAX. What was on the show floor, how did the live panel go, and who is an excellent drunk bowler; these pressing questions are finally answered.

Closing things out is the entire live Jeopardy panel. The whole thing was a blast, and we hope you'll enjoy it now, in its not-so-live version. Also, you can find the last half hour or so on YouTube thanks to our guy Jared.

Whether you've been listening to the show since day one, or you're a new listener after seeing us at PAX, you should send us some listener mail! Click here to do so. Again, thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Boston. The whole experience was incredible.

This episode edited by Scott Thompson.



NdIGiTyNate Andrews, Staff AlumnusApril 14, 2012

Bowling World Report.

JasonMaiviaApril 14, 2012

Love the show!  I hope you can do another next time.

ejamerApril 15, 2012

Great show. Really enjoyed listening to the discussion about Xenoblade and think it was just as interesting and exciting as the written review.  "Controversy" is probably overblown. Minor disagreement, or conflicting opinions? Sure.  But that's why reviews are subjective anyway.

I love how "these questions were written by another staffer" (who shall not be named) and "our other co-host couldn't come" (but won't be named). LOL

LOVED the live audio. Really awesome, and I'm shocked that nobody knew anything about the comic that inspired the expo itself.

JasonMaiviaApril 15, 2012

Quote from: Halbred

I'm shocked that nobody knew anything about the comic that inspired the expo itself.

I guess that happens when the learnin' stops and the playin' begins.
People need to be reminded from time-to-time.

purevalApril 17, 2012

I had a blast being a contestant on the panel, it was a lot of fun. I am just glad I do not do too poorly, I was afraid I would end up blanking on every question. The ironic thing about all of the Penny Arcade questions we did not know is that most of the answers were in the 2 books I did not own yet, that I bought right after the panel.

You guys spoiled my son BTW, every panel after yours he wanted to ask a question because he thought he would get a prize. :) He loves that lunch box, he uses it for all of his "treasures". I hope you guys come back next year, I would love another shot.

Fatty The HuttApril 17, 2012

Just finished listening. Fantastic job, guys (and gals). Made me feel like I was at PAX with you (and crazy jealous that I was not.)
The other two segements were great quality too, as usual.
Excellent podcast. Thanks.

I will be there next year, come hell or high water. 

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