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How My Love for Pokémon Was Revitalized During the Pokémon World Championships in London.

Competition, Companionship but above all: Community...

by Willem Hilhorst - August 29, 2022

Who Owns That Pokemon?

The ownership of portable gaming's biggest franchise isn't as twisted as Giovanni's Wild Ride....

by Donald Theriault - September 15, 2015

E3 2015: Lessons to Learn from the Competition: Tembo: Too Badass for Wii U

This elephant should have made a home on Wii U....

by Michael Cole - June 29, 2015

Pokémon X and Y Online Features Overview

Find out how to the make the most of Pokémon X and Y's online features....

by James Dawson - October 24, 2013

INTERVIEW: Pokémon X and Y Interview with Game Freak

We had the pleasure to sit down with some of the minds behind Pokémon X and Y....

by Justin Berube and Josh Max - September 24, 2013

BLOG: Why Do You Play Pokemon? 

NWR talks about why they love the Pokemon franchise. ...

by Josh Max - February 6, 2012

 ">BLOG: Why Do I Play Pokémon?  

 ">Why do you strive to be very best?...

by Josh Max - February 1, 2012

NWR Staff's Favorite 10 Games of 2011: Pokemon Black and White

You already know this game is amazing. ...

by Josh Max - December 28, 2011

Traveling Through the Pokécity That Never Sleeps: The Second Gym

Neal goes to the Pokémon version of Brooklyn to fight the second gym leader....

by Neal Ronaghan - March 4, 2011

Traveling Through the Pokécity That Never Sleeps: The First Gym

Embarrassingly, the first gym leader beat me the first time around....

by Neal Ronaghan - March 2, 2011

Traveling Through the Pokécity That Never Sleeps

Neal chooses Oshawott and bravely travels through a new world of Pokémon....

by Neal Ronaghan - March 1, 2011


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