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Nintendo News Report: Day Of The Royal Vampire Killers

by Justin Berube, Zachary Miller, and Donald Theriault - August 8, 2018, 6:07 pm EDT
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And also, a K Rool appearance.

Hey everyone! It's Smash Direct day, and our Nintendo News Report team is going to break it all down for you. Join Donald, Justin, and Zach at about 10 pm Eastern as we talk Belmonts, Echoes, and oh so much more.

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MASBAugust 09, 2018

Hear, hear on Fire Emblem axe and lance characters! It's so lame to me that so much of the Fire Emblem representation in the game is sword, sword, sword! I realize the characters chosen are usually the lead characters for their respective games, hence they're the most popular and obvious choice. But from a gaming perspective, you'd think Sakurai would want a bit more variety in gameplay that having an axe/lance character could provide.

Edit: Hey, Justin. Found an article you might be interested in. ;)


Why can't they just have the dignity to say it's over and the customers are screwed? Is there some statute of limitatons so they can't get sued?

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