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RUMOR: Star Fox Grand Prix - This Could Actually Work

by John Rairdin - May 15, 2018, 12:33 am PDT
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It sounds crazy, so crazy it just might work!

With E3 looming on the horizon, there is no shortage of interesting rumors. One such rumor is Star Fox Grand Prix. Described as Diddy Kong Racing meets F-Zero within the Star Fox universe, Star Fox Grand Prix is a fascinating concept whether real or fake.

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EnnerMay 15, 2018

While I would love a great Star Fox on-rails shooter or a new F-Zero, I can't fault Nintendo for not making my wishes come true due to a super-niche genre and poor sales, respectively.

If Retro can work that Tropical Freeze magic in to this rumored Star Fox: Grand Prix, then they have me interested. I'm down for a weird spin-off that is ridiculous enough to work.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMay 15, 2018

Man, out of all the endings for Star Fox Command this is the one they decided to build a sequel out of?


At least it isn't Kursed.

TOPHATANT123May 15, 2018

I don't know. It sounds too much like something a fan would make up. We'll have to see.

GKMay 15, 2018

I tried getting friends to get into Diddy Kong Racing but the response was typically "Put Mario Kart back in".

I wouldn't mind a 4 player rail shooter/racer where everyone was competing for the high score instead of just crossing a finish line first(I guess crossing first could award a bonus). Would be like an expanded take on that Super Weekend edition of the original.

Bman87301May 15, 2018

  I actually had this idea in my head for a while (I think it even predated that gag ending in StarFox Command). The title I would have used though would have been: "CarFox".

SteefosaurusMay 15, 2018

Quote from: Bman87301

  I actually had this idea in my head for a while (I think it even predated that gag ending in StarFox Command). The title I would have used though would have been: "CarFox".

Carfox is the true sequel to Star Fox Zero we deserve.

Evan_BMay 15, 2018

It could, but it probably won’t.

Quote from: Bman87301

  I actually had this idea in my head for a while (I think it even predated that gag ending in StarFox Command). The title I would have used though would have been: "CarFox".

Hey, don’t steal credit from my Car Fax Zero idea!

I don't think there are that many memorable Star Fox characters, but I don't really care if it's just a roster of 8. It might be a fun idea, who knows? I'm always up for a new futuristic racer with furries!

There's all kinds of characters if they want to really dig in. Seemingly every other level in Star Fox 64 had some random other character show up to help. I want to play this new game as Bill from the Independence Day level.

Luigi DudeMay 15, 2018

Great video, shows exactly why I'm excited for this game.  So many of the complaints I see online come from people thinking this game is going to be Mario Kart with Star Fox characters when in reality it will be so much more then that.

It'll be fun to once again see the haters proven wrong, which is kind of what Retro's real talent seems to be.  So many get angry Retro isn't making this dream game in their head when Retro ends up making their dream games they didn't even know they wanted.

Mop it upMay 15, 2018

It does sound fake, but it could be really fun if true.

broodwarsMay 15, 2018

I'm not fond of the idea, but hey...Star Fox Assault, Adventure, Command, & Zero showed that Nintendo has no goddamn idea what a good Star Fox game even remotely looks like anymore, so if they're going to do something stupid they might as well go all the way with it and swing for the fences. We've seen worse with this franchise.

And hey, if they just flat-out steal Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed's gimmick & have the characters switching vehicles over the course of the race while the course deforms around them, it could be perfectly fine. Not amazing, but fine.

On a side note, I still want my spiritual successor to Beetle Adventure Racing. Best shortcuts & track manipulation of any game outside of Split/Second.

ShyGuyMay 15, 2018

That video gives me some hope for this game

I'm not sure what to expect from this rumor if it turns-out to be true, but if it feels fast, feels fair, and feels exciting in-game, I'm hopeful for it. 

I want it to feel more like F-Zero not tethered to a race track than Diddy Kong Racing, though.

MASBMay 18, 2018

To broodwars: I remember first learning about Beetle Adventure Racing in Nintendo Power. Seemed to come out of nowhere. Such a great, fun game. If EA released a new or updated version of that for the Switch, it truly would be an unprecedented partnership. You really don't see games like that being made any more by the big publishers. They consider the risks too big and are seeking the biggest rewards.

Ian SaneMay 18, 2018

This Beetle Adventure Racing talk made me think of:

Beedle Adventure Racing starring the Zelda merchant!  It's a Zelda themed racing games that only stars obscure supporting characters.

Thinking about that made me think about Link in Mario Kart 8 and then I realized that what I really want is a SSB Racer featuring characters from multiple Nintendo franchises.  I hope Star Fox Racing doesn't play that much like Diddy Kong Racing because then it is still pretty similar to Mario Kart and if we're going to get another Nintendo kart racer why narrow that down to Star Fox when you could include everybody?  While I would prefer a new F-Zero if Star Fox played more like F-Zero at least it would have a playstyle that's quite different from Mario Kart and thus has more reason to exist.  Ideally I would want it to be unique enough that Nintendo could have F-Zero, Mario Kart and this all at the same time and it wouldn't feel redundant.

I wonder if Nintendo's plan is to effectively merge F-Zero and Star Fox together to get both franchises "taken care of".  They haven't been very enthusiastic about using them since they outsourced them on the Gamecube.  This way F-Zero fans get a spiritual successor and Star Fox fans get, uh, something that uses the IP.  That seems more a like a plan to please no one and alienate fans but it not being a GOOD plan doesn't rule out Nintendo having it.

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