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John Plays Every Star Fox Game

by John Rairdin - April 16, 2016, 1:52 pm EDT
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Just in time for Star Fox Zero

Since the announcment of Star Fox Zero at E3 2015, I set myself a task of completing Let's Plays of every single Star Fox game. Now, just under a year later, and just in time for Star Fox Zero/Guard, that task is complete. That's right, you can head over to our YouTube channel, NWRTV, and get caught up before the new game. Didn't know we had a YouTube channel? Well we do. It's essentially the ultimate Nintendo-centric destination on YouTube. There're Let's Plays, trailer analysis videos, historical documentary style videos, and much more. So go subscribe if you haven't already.

Meanwhile I thought I'd take the opportunity to compile all of those Star Fox Let's Plays right here.

The first entry in the series is probably my favorite, though admittedly for purely nostalgic reasons. This was the first truely 3D game I ever played, and it opened my mind to what games could be. For the purposes of this Let's Play, I played the game via my Retron 5. This allowed me to capture my Super Nintendo cartridge via a clean 720p signal. It also brought the game into an HD color space, which really brings new life into the vibrant worlds this game creates.

While never officially released, Star Fox 2 has had such a tangible influence on later titles in the series that it felt worth including. All range mode, ground missions, underwater missions, Star Wolf and his team, even Zelda style dungeons were all introduced to the franchise by this one game. Star Fox 2 is not only a technically impressive game, but also a masterful piece of design. Even today few games can claim the scope and variety of genres that Star Fox 2 managed to squeeze out on a Super Nintendo.

What can be said about the masterpiece that is Star Fox 64 that hasn't been said before. Despite being roughly 45 minutes long, Star Fox 64 has more replay value than virtually any other game ever made. It is by far my most played game on my Nintendo 64, it is by far my most played virtual console title on my Wii, and it is second only to Xenoblade on my 3DS. Whenever someone asks what my desert island game is, Star Fox 64 is the answer. (Seriously I've put 45 hours into this game on my 3DS and that is by far my least played version... I might have a problem.)

Star Fox Adventures is generally seen as the black sheep of this franchise, but I feel that every game should be judged on it's own merits. Star Fox Adventures is a wonderful action adventure game with an amazing soundtrack and some of the best visuals ever presented on the GameCube. Does it fit with our incredibly specific, and often times inaccurate, definition of Star Fox? No, but neither does most of the series. (For more details on this outlandish statement please see "You're Star Foxing Wrong: A Game Design Rant" on NWRTV.)

The general consensus on Star Fox Assault is that it's just okay. I adore this game. The heavily geometric art design hearkens back to the original Star Fox. The story is so over the top and melodramatic, it is the perfect Star Fox plot. The gameplay is fun and varied, ranging from rail line to all range mode. Not only will you go from air to ground, you'll go from Arwing to Arwing wing. Finally the main thing I want all of you to take away from this is how incredible Wolf's theme is when slowed down and played with a jazz trumpet.

Developed by many of the same people who made the very first Star Fox, Star Fox Command's breeding should have set it up for success. Unfortunately what we got was a somewhat watered down version of Star Fox 2. This is not to say the game isn't fun, but without the varied gameplay that Star Fox 2 brought to the table, Star Fox Command winds up being a bit repetitive. On the bright side it's full of melodramatic characters and some great music. Not to mention it's available on the Wii U and plays great as a Wii U title.

Thank you all for watching and reading. As we all know the Star Fox series doesn't end there. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard are just under a week away. If you enjoyed these Let's Plays then you'll be happy to know that we'll have a Star Fox Zero Let's Play starting at 9:00 pm Pacific Time on April 21 (the moment Star Fox Zero Launches) so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it!

Star Fox Assault was co-hosted by Dillon Rairdin who makes awesome music

Check it out here!


That intro clip with the NWR logo is radical. Congrats on completing your epic journey!

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