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Nintendo News Report: Devil's Third, Hyrule Warriors 3DS, and Everything Else That Couldn't Wait Until E3

by Alex Culafi, Donald Theriault, and Scott Thompson - June 12, 2015, 7:01 pm PDT
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Our last pre-E3 episode!

Hey everybody, it's our last episode before E3!

This week, Alex, Scott, and Donald talk about Devil's Third, Amiibo restocks, Hyrule Warriors on 3DS, Splatoon (Alex lasted a week before buying it), NPDs, and more!´╗┐Stick around until the end, we had a really great E3 predictions and speculation discussion.


AqueousJune 13, 2015

Kind of shocking it isn't N3DS exclusive. I assumed the Hyrule Warriors would be N3DS exclusive. Why will only you get excited Donald? Is that because of the possible riots? The "Start9" kind?

Well Star Fox/F Zero is the same universe according to one of Star Fox command's ending. So you might get lucky on a Star Fox / X cross over Donald.

Detective Pikachu launch on the anniversary.
Given Fire Emblem and Bravely Second, There is no question of "If" It will be Fire Emblem. Bravely Default drags.

New Super Wario Land? I'm in. Too bad this is guess work. No we will Super Mario Bros. Movie 2: The Wario Movie.

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