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Nintendo NX Console, Mobile Partnership, and Membership Service News Reaction and Discussion

by Alex Culafi, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - March 17, 2015, 10:08 am PDT
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So big we pushed Nintendo News Report up two days for it!

Hey everybody! Did you hear about all that big news? We sure did!

That's why Alex, Scott, and Neal went to talk about it live on YouTube in a special Nintendo News Report! We talk about DeNA and who they are, when the Nintendo NX is coming out, why Nintendo is making this move, and more!


ejamerMarch 17, 2015

Maybe early for any meaningful insights - seems like there are enough open questions that anything said today will just be conjecture.  But I'm looking forward to hearing your response.

Interesting, maybe scary, time to be a Nintendo fan. (Tempered by the fact that Nintendo announcing a key partnership doesn't necessarily mean anything will change - right EA?)

SorenMarch 17, 2015

An hour of baseless speculation about a news topic we barely understand at this moment? Count me in meh.

marvel_moviefan_2012March 17, 2015

Quote from: Soren

An hour of baseless speculation about a news topic we barely understand at this moment? Count me in meh.

Isn't that all we do around here anyways?

It's not as though there's going to be some stunning revelaiton in the next 48 hours, we're not going to get any more information until May at the earliest. Chill out and watch.

Disclaimer: I am so teh bias.

buttleMarch 17, 2015

Well, I'm pro speculation.  It's not very often have new consoles announced. 

BlkPaladinMarch 18, 2015

I have a feeling from this that one Nintendo will a more fully featured account system from this on one hand. But the majority of the mobile games will come out as an expansion on what Sega was trying to do with the VMU where the games are delightful time wasters but focused on doing something that can only be utilized by buying the full game.

For example Animal Crossing.

The mobile game will feature a character that you can import from either the 3DS game or the upcoming Wii U game or you can make one but the game is a bunch of minigames, which isn't presented in a bad way, with the intent of winning articles for your house and making bells that can only be used if you port them to the Wii U game.

And we may get a taste of what to expect from the NX by who they adapt the Wii U to fit into this. I have a feeling that the HTML5 framework they already have implemented on the console will lend itself nicely to integrating it to the Wii U with a system update for the 3DS or maybe just the New 3DS coming shortly after where things like cross buy will become the norm for the smaller games thanks to the new system. (Heck they may have you link your phone into the account so you can get the free mobile games)

necro909March 18, 2015

I want what the Wii was rumored to be--an amorphous blob of a console that you pick up and it molds itself around your hands and squeezes them back as you flex and twist your muscles and bond with it on an organic level. It will have body morphing capabilities and will understand your every thought and dream and will add its flesh and genetic material to yourself through the pores in your skin and will run 24 hours a day within your subconscious, allowing you to level up while you are at work or school.

fred13March 19, 2015

Concerning Virtual Console on, I agree AND disagree.
Nobody should play games like Megaman on a touchscreen!
However, turnbased RPGs would work just fine.
Rhythm Heaven DS would work just fine.
Theatrhythm works just fine (I've played it)
Advance Wars and Fire Emblem would work just fine.
Swords and Soldiers works just fine (I own it on Android AND Wii U the only difference is multiplayer)
There are existing VC games that should NEVER exist on mobile, but there are others that would be perfectly functional.

fred13March 19, 2015

You mention mobile being a "gateway drug",
What if you could buy Animal Crossing mini for .99 on iOS and Android and then if you owned and played Animal Crossing mini you get a discount on Animal Crossing U and you get to port your guy and stuff into the Wii U game which just so happens to be MUCH bigger and more expansive with more fun things you can do.
Maybe in Animal Crossing mini you live in someone else's town, but when you "move" to U you can run for Mayor, or maybe you can be Mayor in mini, but you can be Governor in U.

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