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Wii U E3 2011 Video Recap

by Jared Rosenberg - May 10, 2012, 10:18 am EDT
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Do you remember last year's E3? Watch footage from every single Wii U demo that Nintendo had on the show floor. 

With less than a month until E3 2012, I thought now would be a good time to take a look back at last year's convention. The following video features gameplay footage from all of Nintendo's Wii U demos; Zelda HD Experience, Japanese Garden Tech Demo, New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Chase Mii, Battle Mii, Measure Up, and Shield Pose.


Fatty The HuttMay 10, 2012

Thanks, Jared. That's great stuff. Really appreciate you doing this.

Did you add music to any of the demos or was that all recorded from the demos themselves?

CericMay 10, 2012

Is it just me or did the Video go from best looking to worse in the order it introduced the games?

I added music to all the demos. There is only about 10 seconds of actual sound from the Wii U in the videos for Chase Mii (when match is won) and Battle Mii (when destroy ship text appears and short Metroid jingle plays). I tried to add appropriate music. For example, in Chase Mii a variation of the slide theme from Mario 64 did actually play in the demo (included the variation of the song from Super Mario Galaxy 2). We weren't able to get sound last year, but hopefully we will this year.

Fatty The HuttMay 10, 2012

Thanks. The music you chose is excellent. I only hope the real thing is as good. Ninty should hire you as a consultant!  :)

TheLastMetroid21May 11, 2012

Am i the only person that wants a Skyward Sword HD remix at E3? I mean that game is beautiful on its own sure but I'd LOVE to see that art style in 1080p with smoother polish on all textures. (not just upconverted like dolphin)

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