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New Gameplay Footage Compilation from NYC Preview Event

by Jared Rosenberg - January 19, 2011, 7:06 pm EST
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Check out footage from Ocarina of Time 3D, Steel Diver, Super Mario Land, Lego Star Wars III, and many more.

Unlike E3, Nintendo was perfectly fine with people recording footage directly off the 3DS (as long as the display was set to 2D). Here is a compilation of in-game footage from almost every 3DS game at the NYC preview event. Many of the videos include direct feed audio.

Games in the video include:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Super Mario Land (Virtual Console - Game Boy)
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
AR Game with dragon
Steel Diver
Pilotwings Resort
Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Asphalt 3D
Nintendogs + Cats
Super Street Fighter IV 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Ridge Racer 3D
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (Virtual Console - Game Boy Color)
Nintendo 3DS system menu

Neal also makes an appearance at the end of the video to say hello and goodbye.

More gameplay videos and a multitude of interviews are on the way.


Icarus looks so fast and furious and completely different I wish it were on Wii. Thanks for the vid.

That's probably why Sakurai was talking about eye strain.  I'm a lot more excited for the game after seeing that footage.

ToruresuJanuary 19, 2011

Neal and NWR, once again, thanks for covering the event!

yoshi1001January 20, 2011

You should have just said "Aloha", Neal.  ;)

ShyGuyJanuary 20, 2011

Nintendo NYC has some rusty doors.

Armak88January 20, 2011



Also, it wasn't Nintendo's NYC office. They rented a building.

CalibanJanuary 20, 2011

Super Mario land, and Link's awakening looked great.

motangJanuary 20, 2011

Going to go reserve mine this weekend!  ;D

- NintendoFan -January 20, 2011

Is that really Link's Awakening? It looks a lot like Oracle of Seasons. But to my own fault, its been awhile since I have played LA.

NinGurl69 *hugglesJanuary 20, 2011

Naw dawg, that's ocarina of time

gloriously re-made

BlackNMild2k1January 20, 2011

I couldn't help but notice on the Steel Diver part (1:20 - 1:33)
it looked the periscope mode was being controlled by the outer cameras on the 3DS.
you move the 3DS left and the veiw pans left move right and so on and so on.
Is that what was happening?

edit: looks like that feature is also in the OoT remake as well. Tilt Camera Control

NinGurl69 *hugglesJanuary 20, 2011

It's a very awesome sort of thing.

Imagine playing, then walking into traffic, fantastic

Quote from: BlackNMild2k1

I couldn't help but notice on the Steel Diver part (1:20 - 1:33)
it looked the periscope mode was being controlled by the outer cameras on the 3DS.

Don't forget that the system also includes accelerometers and gyroscopes.

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