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Trivia Prime Time!

by Steven Rodriguez - November 15, 2002, 9:09 am EST
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With Metroid Prime (and Fusion) coming out next week, it's only fitting that this week's prize marks the occasion. Check it out inside.

Yep, Friday night again, and it's time for another round of Planet Trivia. Thirty questions of Nintendo goodness ready for the answering. If you want to compete for tonight's big prize, be sure to show up in #planetchat tonight at 9pm CT (7p PT and 10p ET).

But what's tonight's prize going to be? Well, with Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion due out on Tuesday, we've decided that there's no better prize to give away than Samus herself.

Direct from Nintendo, this box contains none other than the deluxe full-sized five foot tall, three foot wide Samus P.O.P. standee. In other words, after you set this baby up, you'll be standing right next to Samus! Sure, you'll have the game, but wouldn't it me even more impressive to have the game while Samus looks on? This thing is awesome, and you'll definately want to take this puppy home.

Nov 15 Trivia Prize: Deluxe Metroid Prime Standee
It might look like just a box, but there's a creamy center inside!

So, you see it, and now you want it. Well, the standard Planet Trivia procedures are as follows:

Read the rules! Required if you want to participate in Planet Trivia. Remember, rulebreakers are gone from the rest of the night's festivities, so know what goes.

Read the Strategy Guide! Want some winning tips? See how you can get a jump on the field and score.

Read the FAQ! Get your questions answered before you ask them. A must-read for trivia and chat newbies alike.

That's all there is to say about this week. However, as we mentioned last week, we're preparing a special Planet Trivia three-year anniversary event. On Monday, November 25, at the same 9p CT time, we'll be celebrating the occasion with a special trivia and a special prize. Be sure to find the time to join us for a night to remember. See you tonight, and see you on the 25th!

NOTE: Due to high shipping costs for this prize, only those in the continental United States are eligible to win.

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