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Episode 338 - Episode 378

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - March 2, 2023, 7:22 pm EST
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We got a full episode full of Kirby and Metroid talk, plus Casey's first experience with PSVR2. That's not it though, Alex hits us with a surprise Mystery History!

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ou say you want a long show? We won't give you that, but we have instead a DENSE show. That's even better, right?

And what better way to start the show than to hit you with some MYSTERY HISTORY!!! Good game, decent hints. After that, Perry tells us about Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -- he likes it! Casey then goes into VR -- he loves it! And then Alex closes the show on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption -- he wants some more of it! Alex also digs into the Pokemon news a bit...meh.

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