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Episode 270 - Like Balan Wonderworld, Metroid Prime...

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - November 11, 2021, 6:58 pm EST
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We got a ton of quick bites and some bigger chunks to feast upon including Mario Party Superstars, Animal Crossing DLC, Death's Door, Hades and more. Then it's time for I Demand You featuring Metroid Prime!

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We got a dense episode this week despite it not being super long so, as the podcasters say, "let's get right into it."

The show starts with a story about a roadside wedding tasting before turning into a beefy What We've Been Playing segment. Perry has some quick bites with PICO PARK, Wordscapes, and the newly released Demon Turf from our pals at Fabraz; Casey chats about the new Animal Crossing update (as a bystander) and Mario Party Superstars; Triple B talks about a couple Triple I games this week (big indies) in Death's Door and Hades.

After the break, we demanded Alex to play Metroid Prime! We talk about how the GameCube classic has aged and Alex's fresh thoughts nearly two decades after it originally came out. Finally, our poll: Which Wa?

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