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Episode 235 - Piggie Boy

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - March 11, 2021, 7:50 pm EST
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Casey got a PS5 and has been keeping busy with a plethora of new games. Jerry on the other hand is going back in time to play some ToeJam & Earl!

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As of recording last episode he had zero intent on snagging a PS5 anytime soon, but an opportunity presented itself and now Casey has a PS5. And with it comes plenty of talk of Call of Duty and Demon's Souls! Jerry, well of course he's got more Super Mario 3D World to talk about, but also digging back into yesteryear, he's been grooving out to some ToeJam & Earl.

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LemonadeMarch 12, 2021

I was listening to this episode and then I saw this ad on imgur

I have never seen an ad for mcdonalds on imgur before. That is also an ad for american mcdonalds, so K couldnt buh it even if I wanted to.

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