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Episode 148 - There's a New Kong In Town

by Casey Gibson and Jordan Rudek - July 18, 2019, 4:44 pm PDT
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Jordan steps in for Perry bringing plenty of gaming goodness alongside him. Dragon Quest Builders 2, The Messenger DLC, Dr. Mario World, and more Super Mario Maker 2!

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Well it's finally happened... one of the core duo has missed an episode, BUT luckily it's for a great reason! That's right, Perry is now a Papa! Since he was busy doing baby things, Jordan jumps in to fill those big ol clown shoes Perry normally wears. It works out because Casey needed someone to gush over Dragon Quest Builders 2 with and Jordan was just the man. They managed to fit in some Super Mario Maker 2 talk as well as Dr. Mario World and The Messenger DLC!

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