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Episode 114 - Sleep Powder

by Perry Burkum, Alex Culafi, and Casey Gibson - November 22, 2018, 8:02 am EST
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Alex Culafi stops by to join our in depth Pokemon Let's Go discussion! Then we get into the eShop Roundup, News, and the return of the Craiglist Roundup with one of Perry's stranger pickups!

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The boys are joined by the sleepy one, Alex Culafi, who just so happens to do his best Snorlax impression and passes out for half our Pokemon Let's Go discussion. However that doesn't stop the boys from getting in the weeds with all things Let's Go. Perry was originally on the fence, but after a lukewarm first impression, he now finds himself really enjoying the more laid back approach to Pokemon. Casey's 12 hour weekend of Pokemon is definitely a sign he enjoyed himself. About half hour into our convo, Alex awakes from his slumber to give his thoughts before moving onto a little Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna talk.

Moving along, its another week of the eShop and that means another 30 games to discuss. We attempt to lightening round this bad boy otherwise the segment would be an hour long itself... really we should just permanently dub the eShop Roundup as the eShop Lightening Roundup. Then we got some news to chat about, but really not too much, not a hardy one by any means. However we do get into some free-to-play goodness coming to the Switch. Then Perry wraps up the show with the return of the Craiglist Roundup where you'll never believe what he picked up..."

We'd like to first off thank Alex for stopping by, always a pleasure to have him on the show. We'd also like to remind everyone we got dem t-shirts and if you wanna look sleek and fly and at the same time, make sure to preorder 'em while they're hot! They cost $15 with shipping, but no money down to preorder, just shoot Perry or Casey (or our TNP twitter) and we'll mark you down!

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