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Episode 56 - Shine Get, Baby

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - October 19, 2017, 3:42 pm PDT
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Neon Chrome, Party Golf, Stardew and more! Then the boys get into the Odyssey mode by ranking the 3D Mario games best to worst.

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In a lighter What We’ve Been Playing, Perry kicks us off with two new games including the roguelike Neon Chrome and a game both the boys have been eager to play, Party Golf. Each game offers something completely different, but Perry’s been having a blast with both. As for Casey? He hasn’t been playing much outside of more Stardew Valley, but he did put down the hoe and watering can to play some F-Zero on his SNES Classic.

It’s always a good week when new Wii U hotness is dropping and this week it’s not just a singleTurbografix game! Oh, and there are plenty of Switch offerings including Yono the cute elephant, Flame in the Flood, and of course some more King of Fighters! Moving right along to the YouTube Saloon, check out a day on Casey’s farm in Stardew Valley. Then check out the boys as they see who reigns supreme in the 200cc circuit. Trucking right along, it’s time for News with Casey Gibson and you might even say it’s a hearty week of news. NBA2K18 Switch commercial dropping on NBA’s opening night, a Doom interview ending with a much sooner than originally thought release date and some early Mario Odyssey review scores!

Speaking of Odyssey, as we quickly approach its release date we decide to get this hype train out of the station by giving our personal rankings of 3D Mary-Os! As strange as it seems there has only been six released, but we managed to have a pretty different list as we reminisce about the great times we’ve had with each game. We close out the show with the return of the CraigList RoundUp, and boy is it a doozy!

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