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Episode 6 - Hey Jools

by the NWR Staff - November 10, 2016, 4:51 pm PST
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Jools Watsham joins us to talk the Virtual Boy!

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We're honored to welcome our first ever guest, Jools Watsham to the podcast! Jools comes ready to talk about a slew of eShop games touching on Mercenaries Saga 2, Chase: Cold Case Investigations and the newly released Corpse Party.

After a short break we jump into talking about the much forgotten Virtual Boy. Although it might have been a black (and red) eye for Nintendo it did yield some great things such as Wario Land and more importantly the groundwork of Mutant Mudds. Our discussion eventually shifts gears as we talk to Jools about all things Atooi. We touch on our love of Mutant Mudds, the longly anticipated Treasurenauts and we learn some design philosophy as we discuss the soon to be released Chicken Wiggle. We wrap up the show as we always do with the good ol' Craiglist finds. We even had write in from friend of the show Andy Goergen who got a great pick up himself.

We are proud to announce we'll be giving away two physical copies of Pokemon! We will randomly select two winners. Follow the tweet below for full details.

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LemonadeNovember 11, 2016

I enjoyed the virtual boy talk. I would like to get one eventually.

Quote from: Lemonade

I enjoyed the virtual boy talk. I would like to get one eventually.

Yeah it's a pretty corky system, but is definitely something everyone should try if they can. Although they're sort of being a little pricey. Glad I got mine like ten years ago so it wasn't so bad.

- Casey

MASBNovember 16, 2016

I started listening to the podcast recently. You guys have really hit the ground running. Have you done podcasts before? You two definitely sound at ease.

Nice to hear Jools talk about how he designs levels. I wish Nintendo had taken him up on his Virtual Boy to 3DS conversion idea. Strange how Nintendo can sometimes seem so indifferent to ideas that seem like an easy money maker/audience-pleaser.

SpiritMaskSeptember 12, 2019

What's that little cover of Hey Jude? Did you guys do that?

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