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RFN RetroActive LIVE: Majora's Mask

by Jonathan Metts - January 26, 2013, 8:46 am EST
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This is the place to be for the live event on Sunday!

If you want to participate in our live version of Radio Free Nintendo's RetroActive feature, you've come to the right page! We're talking about the classic and controversial Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, originally released for N64 back in the year 2000. If you haven't yet played the game, it's available on Wii Virtual Console for 1000 points. The fun starts at Noon Pacific (3:00pm Eastern) on Sunday, January 27.

To enhance the live show experience, we highly recommend joining the chat room below. We'll be watching and interacting with the chat audience throughout the live show. Having trouble? You can also connect with a dedicated IRC client. Server: irc.browsingtheinternet.com Channel: #nwr

Finally, you can call us and share your own Majora's Mask experience by using Skype. The software is free, though you will need a headset or combination of headphones and internal laptop microphone. If you haven't used Skype before, we do highly recommend setting it up in advance, as there are many features and ways to test your audio quality that will help prevent problems during RetroActive. Once we get started, just send a Skype message to zack.kaplan97 and our friendly support staff, Zack Kaplan, will put through as many callers as possible during the show. Also, please remember to mute or disable the live audio stream if you are added to our Skype call -- otherwise, you'll hear everything twice!


Pixelated PixiesJanuary 26, 2013

If I play the Song of Double Time can we just skip the next 24 hours and do the live show now?

ClexYoshiJanuary 26, 2013

Grrrrr! My parents literally just called me and told me there's a family function I'm obligated to go to. this happens EVERY time you guys Livestream and it's starting to piss me off. >:C

*ahems* I'll see if there's SOME way of me listening in, but it was really a shame. I had a LOT to talk to you guys about during this retro-active.I wanted to ask you guys if any of you were familiar with the BEN Drowned Creepypasta and talk so much about my personal experiences with this one but... *sighs* -_-

SonofMrPeanutJanuary 27, 2013

Wouldn'cha know it, I agreed to Skype w/ my dad right when this starts.  Ah well, I'll join in as soon as we're done.  Been playing my old gold lenticular-covered cart for this one.

AnGerJanuary 27, 2013

My body and my Skype are ready.

purevalJanuary 27, 2013

For reasons known only to them my bosses decided to change the time I work today. Instead of being able to catch the last part I will now have to miss this whole thing.I was excited too since this is my second favorite Zelda game.  Hope it goes well.

Pixelated PixiesJanuary 27, 2013

I'm not really set up for skype so I won't be able to call in unfortunately, but I've given my thoughts on the game pretty thoroughly in the unofficial thread.

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone else's take on the game. It certainly is a polarising game.

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