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NWR Community Night 7/9/2012 - Kid Icarus: Uprising

by J.P. Corbran - July 7, 2012, 9:21 pm PDT
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Join us this Monday night!

Join the Nintendo World Report community this Monday, July 9, for multiplayer action in Kid Icarus: Uprising. We're starting at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 Pacific (1 a.m. UTC for anyone overseas). You can exchange friend codes in the Talkback below, or go stock up in the official NWR 3DS Friend Code thread, which is located in the Handheld Discussion section of our forums.

Do you like these weekly Wi-Fi meetups? Is there anything you'd like to see done differently? We do these events for you, the readers, so please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Join us in the chat room during the event. Having trouble? You can also connect with a dedicated IRC client. Server: irc.browsingtheinternet.com Channel: #nwr


MataataJuly 08, 2012

Hm, I guess I'll play with you guys again, although I'm no better than I was before (probably worse actually). :/

vinniebrockJuly 09, 2012

I think I'll jump in. I only just started playing again, as my L Button wasn't working for a while.

SarailJuly 09, 2012

I'll be down for some Icarus action! 3DS FC is in my profile! PM me with yours if you add!

NachoCrunkJuly 09, 2012

4382-2015-6790 Add me I'm hosting.

red14July 09, 2012

Once again, you don't let people know ahead of time.

Quote from: red14

Once again, you don't let people know ahead of time.

I'm sorry about that, I had a personal engagement that prevented me from posting the article until late Saturday night.

What day do you think would be best to have these posted by? I always worry if I post it too early it could get lost and fall down the page, but we're doing these things for the readers and I'd like to get some of their opinions on it.

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