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NWR Community Night 5/1/12 - Excitebots: Trick Racing

by J.P. Corbran - April 30, 2012, 7:42 am EDT
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This week we're revisiting this overlooked and over-the-top Wii racing game.

After so many weeks of 3DS games, this week's NWR community event is going back to a Wii racing game that many overlooked: Excitebots: Trick Racing. As usual, we're starting at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 Pacific, so if you're one of the lucky few who owns this hidden gem, post your friend code in the TalkBack below and prepare for an intense night of racing.

We do these Wi-Fi events every Tuesday night, and if you have any feedback or game suggestions, please let us now.

Join us in the chat room during the event. Having trouble? You can also connect with a dedicated IRC client. Server: irc.browsingtheinternet.com Channel: #nwr


CericApril 30, 2012

I'm sooo there... Now I need to find my disc and my Friend code...

DanielMDaniel Mousseau, Staff AlumnusApril 30, 2012

DAMNIT!, I traded in this game a little over a year ago to go towards the 3DS. Now I wish I had it still.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)May 01, 2012

That'd be 10am Wednesday in Japan - shame!  :'(

BeautifulShyMay 01, 2012

I am pretty sure I still have this but I haven't checked checked on the save file. I will check on info in the morning and maybe I will try to unlock the Mouse. If I remember correctly you have to beat the school cup to play online.

King of TwitchMay 01, 2012

I will have to hit this.

Mop it upMay 01, 2012

I may show up sometime.


SeacorMay 01, 2012

I lost my original save file when my Wii blew up a couple of years ago.  I just started over and unlocked the WFC mode.

Here is my Excite Bots Friend Code:
0433 3893 6023

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