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Episode 542: Just to Get Alexey's Beak Wet

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - October 8, 2017, 2:42 pm EDT
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The entire complement of RFN is back, and we've got a lot of impressions from Nintendo's newest unobtainable retro console. Guillaume kicks-off New Business looking at the SNES Classic Mini, and trying to find a game to play with Karen (that wasn't already on the Virtual Console). Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island finally being properly available turns out to do the trick. We find some time to answer the most important Yoshi question: who is naming these games? Greg also has a Classic Mini, and walks us through the influential-yet-unreleased Star Fox 2. It turns out that even though you've never played this game, you've absolutely played its parts - even if it's very different than its predecessor. Gui wraps up his New Business with some memories of Oxenfree, coming to Switch this week. Jon has two new Non-tendo games: Forza 7 and Cuphead. Both look amazing, but only one has anime skins. Maybe in Cuphead 2. James concludes New Business with some final thoughts on Golf Story, and an odyssey of his own: finding a Mario Odyssey demo kiosk.

Listener Mail is an embarrassment of riches. This week: Greg warns of Sheikh Toxic Moron's 3D Confusion Maze, we determine how to ice Mario so Starfy can shine, we replace terrible game titles, and try to restrain our compulsion to buy limited editions of consoles. If you have a PayPal account, deep pockets, and a compulsive desire to buy people things you can send us your contact information (or a question, I guess) to the inbox.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is Evolution Era from Deemo. Composition by V.K.. It was requested by K-S-O. All rights reserved by Rayark Inc.


WanderleiOctober 09, 2017

Best thing about snes mini is having fresh out the box, brand new Nintendo made snes  controllers in 2017.

MASBOctober 09, 2017

Looking forward to Karen appearing next week. It's been awhile.

Greg's dramatic reading of NES box art is epic and I hope will return someday.

"we determine how to ice Mario so Starfy can shine" Yeah, baby! ;) :)

I liked the Star Fox 2 discussion and Jon's views on Forza 7. I know how MS handled the virtual money situation has been poor at best.

Let's talk about something near and dear to RFN's heart. I recently watched Cobra for the first time in many years. I remembered some of the classic lines, but I was shocked to realize the sheer number of lines uttered on RFN over the years that come from the movie. I still think you guys should start a irregular podcast where you just watch and give live commentary (easy to edit!) on 80's movies (and movies with an 80s heart released in the 90s).As a stretch goal or instead of the regular Shenigans, imagine a RFN commentary on Cobra or Masters of the Universe to end the telethon. The money would just pour in, believe me!

In a previous episode, Greg mentioned Marion's deadly aversion to bikers. He mentioned him killing about 14 bikers. I'll admit that in the frenzy it was hard for me to do an accurate count, but if you assume that everyone in the gang rode motorcycles and that everyone Cobretti shot died (since we never see if they live), then I think about 28 bit the dust. I'll let more learned film scholars watch it again, to nail down the facts.

I noticed near the end of the film, when Stallone sent the main villain to his death, that he seems horrified by his actions. It felt that a real acting/character moment was happening, having to face all the violence he had wrought, but being an typical (!) 80s movie, it wasn't delved into at all after that brief moment.

Stallone wrote the script, of course. He is a writer of varying ability, that is for sure.

Was Brigette Nielsen not that good an actress or was Red Sonja simply more suited to her range?

No mention of the Bills' victory over the Falcons? I truly feel that some of RFN's best moments aren't recorded. Surely there is a way, that is also convenient, that can prevent tragedies such as this.

ClexYoshiOctober 09, 2017

This is a lovely episode where I get to hear you guys praise one of my favorite games of all time and trash one of my least favorite games of all time!

There are video upscalers that don't introduce lag. a lot of the youtube folk use this one called the XRGB Mini Framemeister. a small company in japan makes these things and basically it's an upscaler that was designed with retro gaming in mind first. the real claim to fame is that it specifically is designed to Upscale RGB signals to a quality that even some HDMI outputting consoles cnanot match. Of course, if you live in the US, you're then importing the $400 upscaler from Japan, a batch of SCART cables from Europe, and trying to find someone who's willing to mod your consoles that don't output in RGB (namely the NES, N64, anything Atari made before the Jaguar, the 3DO, and the CDi.

I like what I've played of Golf Story so far, but while the dialogue is funny, a lot of the humor I'm getting out of it is how the writing seems like a mistranslation or misunderstanding of common English phrases or ways humans speak.

One example early on I can think of - there's a character on the course they show who is dining and dashing twice, once at a restaurant and once at a refreshment cart.  When he gets caught, he runs away and his text reads "dashed-in!".  It was funny in that one context, but there's several pieces of dialogue that also feel similarly slightly off, like if a robot was trying to pretend to write what humans would say to each other.

There's a lot of Australia-isms in this game that sometimes came off really incomprehensible to me. "Sucked-in" came up a few times before I went and looked it up.

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