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Special: NWR Book Interview with Rob Stevens, a.k.a. Rick Powers

by Jonathan Metts and Rick Powers - September 4, 2016, 10:04 am EDT
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It's time to peel back the pseudonym and talk candidly with an essential leader of Planet GameCube.

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Welcome to a series of special podcasts, hosted by your friends at Radio Free Nintendo. Former podcast host and website director Jonathan Metts is sharing his extensive interviews with current and former staff members from Nintendo World Report [the very site you are now reading, which is also still widely known as Planet GameCube (which is one of the long-term prices we've had to pay for the privilege of changing our name at the peak of our popularity).] These interviews are part of his research for an upcoming book about the long-running website, focusing on its vast array of dedicated, all-volunteer creators. This paragraph is painfully thorough because I want to reuse it for each subsequent release from this series, which is planned to continue throughout 2016!

This interview features Rob Stevens, but our long-time audience will know him better as "Rick Powers". Back in the day, he was one of our most outspoken writers, a strict community moderator, and an invaluable leader who was once the acting Director for two months -- in secret! We discuss all the misdirection, tough decisions, classic interviews, and yeah, even Denis Dyack and Penny Arcade.

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ClexYoshiSeptember 05, 2016

it was actually Wrestlemania 20 that was in Maddison Square Garden, and 21 was in LA, so you got it flip-flopped a bit. which means you were in the press Box for Benoit and Guerrero getting showered in confetti and such a triumphant moment and then Benoit did that really bad thing and what should be an amazing memory is forever tarnished. :/

Sorry, Rick. I'd also like to say that it sounds like you take the same approach to writing I do. I write how I talk and then I go back and tidy things up. that's why my EMails to RFN are often long winded and sometimes phrased awkwardly.

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