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Episode 479: Extended Crab Leg Metaphor

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - June 5, 2016, 4:52 pm EDT
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I promise that this non-nonsensical title ties directly to Rondo of Blood.

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This week, it's finally time for our Retroactive on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. But Dracula will have to wait just a little bit longer, because first comes New Business. Gui and James lead off with impressions of 7th Dragon III: Code VFD. The first entry in the series to come to the West, it borrows more than just its director from the Etrian Odyssey series. Guillaume and James both like what they've played so far, especially shipping their completely silent protagonists. Greg begins worshipping Satan with NES title Devil World. The Miyamoto-developed Pac-Man clone is currently available on multiple Virtual Consoles, assuming you're not in God's Own Region: America. Jon concludes New Business with Future Business: a look at what to expect out of E3 and the sudden announcement of Nintendo's non-Zelda plans for the show.

After the break, we fill our pink dresses with birds and slay The King of the Vampires with our RetroActive for Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. We talk about the dichotomy of Ryu-like Richter and adorable killing machine Maria, the influence of anime seeping into a previously western-looking series, explaining moral relativism to a small child, and an absurdly tall Frankenstein's Monster. Thanks to everyone who played along with us, and posted commentary.

Next week is the last show before E3, so if you have any E3 specific questions it's probably a good idea to get them in to our inbox now. The following week, we will be recording our E3 reaction show live! Join us at Nintendo World Report on Wednesday, June 15 at 9 PM Eastern. For those of you who can't make it, we'll have it on the feed soon thereafter. Come watch us engage in what will certainly be a horrible mistake.

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music's SoundCloud. The new Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website

This episode's ending music is Staff Roll from Castlevania: Dracula X. All rights reserved by Konami.


ClexYoshiJune 05, 2016




ejamerJune 06, 2016

I feel bad for not getting involved in the retroactive - Rondo of Blood is one of my favorite Castlevania games, but I just didn't have time to replay although have recently started the PSP port.  Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say in the discussion, and hope you also appreciated the game despite it's old-school leanings.

ClexYoshiJune 07, 2016

also, I got another little fun piece to add to the pile of remixes that are in Rondo of Blood. well, not IN it per say...


this is an unused song that's on the official Rondo of Blood Soundtrack; an unused Theme of Simon Belmont that's all funky presh.

I never did get around to gushing about how much I love the soundtrack in the thread. especially Cemetery, Slash, and Divine Bloodlines. also, for some insane reason they took Opus 13 out of the PSP remake and put in a really, REALLY generic piece, and took out Den for a really kickass remix of Moon Fight from the X68000 game.

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