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Episode 408: A Really Nice Guy

by James Jones, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - December 7, 2014, 10:12 pm EST
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Back to our usual format, we blast through games and emails in this post-Thanksgiving episode.

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The streak is broken! Jon couldn't make it this week, so you get a three-man show that still manages to go a little long. New Business starts with a bold Japanese flavor, as Guillaume explains the hybrid appeal of Persona Q. Jonny keeps it going with a revisit to Bravely Default, and James takes our theme to Wii U for some thoughts on the Bayonetta remake (he's playing them in order).

On the second trip through the panel for game impressions, Gui disses Paper Monsters Recut (another iOS port to Wii U). A new sequel to Geometry Wars sends Jonny into nostalgia for Galaxies on the Wii. For the conclusion of this jam-packed segment, James finds that online play (and Skype) might have saved his opinion of Fantasy Life.

Listener Mail asks us to advise on finding a GameCube adapter for Wii U, the rise and fall of various genres, and why so many bloggers want Nintendo to fail. Thanks to everyone who ignites our in-depth discussions with their thoughtful emails -- hey, you should join that fine guild! Also, as mentioned on the show, it's a good idea to bookmark and/or subscribe to the NWR TV channel on YouTube for all our video reviews and other cool holiday content.

This episode was edited by Jonathan Metts and James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


azekeDecember 08, 2014

On Bayo:


Is Bayonetta accessible?

Yes, until Bayo 2 it was THE most accessible but still legitimately deep "character action" game. Bayonetta 1 was what got me into the genre and even after playing nearly all other notable games in the genre it still feels like THE most polished. In many cases it spoils all other games because they're not as good (including it's own sequel).


Don't want to memorize hundreds combos!

Well, you're in luck. Bayonetta games don't require you to. The entire game can be beaten using literally 3-4 combos. I got all Pure Platinums on Normal difficulty using nothing but these 3-4 combos.


Bayonetta 2 is better than 1...

At the most superficial level -- yes, definitely. It removes some of the rough edges to make introduction to the genre smoother for new players and tricks first time players into playing "Easy" mode by naming it differently, but at the same time it feels like a level pack the first game while not really doing anything new.


Zone of Enders...

Funny you should say that... Bayonetta 2 is littered with battles where you and the boss both fly so you hit and shoot at him exactly like you do in a flying mech game.

azekeDecember 08, 2014


What Japanese  third party publishers are having a great time right now?

Bandai Namco is the #2 publisher in absolute sales numbers and #1 if we discount Nintendo for being first party.

Capcom and Level-5 are in the competition because theyr are currently lucky to have their solitary milking cows (MonHun and Yokai) but Bandai still swamps them by sheer numbers of their licensed stuff.

And that's only pure videogame sales.

SorenDecember 08, 2014

Fire Emblem GBA on Wii U

Yes, it looks assy. Advance Wars looks way better. Even with screen smoothing and perfect-pixel mode, Fire Emblem still looks really bad. I would not recommend it as someone's first experience with the game. Even some of the bigger text looks horrible.

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