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Episode 360: Holiday Fantasia

by Nate Andrews, James Jones, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - November 30, 2013, 2:28 pm EST
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Still in the post-telethon glow, we focus on new games and find debate on even the most celebrated releases.

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We recorded this episode just a few days after the telethon and clearly haven't fully recovered yet. However, we do have plenty to discuss with guest Nate Andrews (as Jon was on vacation in Canada). The first games in this episode-spanning New Business are, naturally, Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Jonny has progressed much farther in both since the telethon, and this is the first time James and Gui have had a chance to discuss either game on the show. We have a lot to say about both, and the crew isn't unanimous on either game. James also checks out the Phoenix Wright DLC, in which you defend a killer whale in court. Yep. 

Nate is our clean-up batter with Proteus, the dream-like indie game for PC and now PS3/Vita. Maybe it could even come to Wii U in 2014, but is the audience ready for such an experience? We swing back around for more games, including Gui's coverage of the Wii U eShop game called Edge, from the Toki Tori studio. It's coming to 3DS soon, as well. The episode concludes with Jonny's first impressions of his new PlayStation 4, focusing on the novel (and now highly accessible) experience of live-streaming your own games.

We'll definitely be back in the groove next week and ready to hit up a lot of Listener Mail, so please send in your thoughts on the new games, new systems, whatever! And in case you didn't hear on Shenanigans, the upcoming live RetroActive will feature F-Zero X (N64 and Wii Virtual Console), F-Zero GX, and Greg! We hope you'll seek out these games over the next several weeks and participate in this special event!

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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Chad SexingtonDecember 01, 2013

I thought about posting this before during your Child's Play marathon and you brought up Twitch again on this podcast, but you could easily get 2000+ concurrent viewers for the marathon if you did it as a stream on Twitch.

I've been watching Twitch streams since Starcraft 2 was released in the 2nd half of 2010.  I still watch a lot less SC2 these days, but I got kind of hooked into other things like people playing more casual games or big game releases or speedruns.  Lots of other people do podcast type shows and all they add are basic webcams and just run the stream like that.  Aside from big eSports tournaments, one of the things that can draw a lot of viewers are charity marathons specifically for Child's Play.  (Big eSports tournaments can get anywhere from 50,000 - 200,000+ concurrent viewers.)

I've never done it myself, but as far as I know, you only really need 1 person who knows what they're doing with a program to broadcast with like XSplit.  Every other person on the stream just needs any old webcam and mic.

You also talk about the whole Twitch streaming thing being a fad, fading in 3 years or so, but I've already been watching for 3 years and it just seems to get more and more popular.

One problem with have 2000+ viewers is that you would never be able to do things like the Who Wants to be a Millionaire thing or Radio Trivia because someone would be in there spoiling it.  And I don't know if you even want/need a larger audience since you met your fund raising goal very easily.

Chad SexingtonDecember 01, 2013

Oops.  Twitch has only been around since 2011.  But there were other streaming services like UStream and Livestream.  Twitch is just now the most popular.

On Zelda, I've beaten the game and there are a couple things:
-Agree with Jonny about most of what he said.  I was afraid the painting mechanic was going to be too gimmicky, but it turns out that it's the thing that makes the game work.  It's the reason they can copy A Link to the Past's world so thoroughly and still make it seem fresh, just because you are looking at it from a different perspective.
-I also agree with James in that the dungeons kind of lose something when you know you have everything you need to progress through every room of every floor of every dungeon from the start. 
-On the other hand, I like the item rental system.  I like how basically all of the overworld stuff is dependent on you renting the right items.
-It should also be said that I never died once during my first play through of the game so buying back my rented items from the game never mattered.  Hero Mode should definitely have been unlocked from the beginning.  I also wish you could never buy items.  The rental price should just go up after upgrades or something.
-One problem (?) was that I went through the entire game with 2 items equip except when I had to switch out for a few seconds to solve a puzzle.  Upgraded Fire Wand and Tornado Wand are just too good at killing everything and I got them very early in the game.  Fire Wand in particular just kills everything including half the bosses.  Tornado Wand helps if you're ever surrounded or if you need to kill a flying monster.
-I think they did a really good job in designing the dungeons, focusing on a vertical design, emphasizing the 3D.  I'm one of the people who plays with 3D for every game I play.
-The most interesting dungeon for me was the Ice Dungeon, but all of them were really good except for the Turtle Rock one.  I'm not sure what happened there.  It felt kind of lazy.

PlugabugzDecember 02, 2013

I played Edge on my Nexus 7. It was pretty good then towards the end the touch controls because increasingly fiddly to the point i declared the game finished and uninstalled it.

Quote from: Chad

You also talk about the whole Twitch streaming thing being a fad, fading in 3 years or so, but I've already been watching for 3 years and it just seems to get more and more popular.

That's a fair point, but bear in mind that we could be approaching the bubble of video game streaming.  I think it was clever for PS4 & Xbox One to include them in their feature set, but I'd suggest that it'll be something that won't be such a big advertized feature in the next 3-4 years, as Sony & Microsoft try to appeal to the more casual audience.

I've gotten the opportunity to play Mario 3D World for a few levels with my wife.  A few observations:

Much less claustrophobic to play multiplayer in this than the New Super Mario Bros games.  3D space & the size of the levels make it much easier to avoid accidental deaths (so far).
I find myself enjoying the Cat Suit much more than I expected.  The animation of Mario running like a cat is cute, and running up the walls is much more satisfying than I expected.
My wife hasn't had much experience in 3D Mario games, so there's a definite learning curve and having to verbally direct her on where to go.
My 20 month-old son LOVES watching us play.  He can't help but giggle non-stop when he sees the cat-suit Mario, as well as all the bright colors.

azekeDecember 02, 2013

As i was saying Mario in singleplayer and in multi- are really two very different games who just happen to inhabit the same levels.

Levels become much harder with elements like switch platforms, and you have to account for camera and screen border and there is added bubble mechanic.

Even the bosses change significantly, and the boss that you will kill in 10 seconds by yourself, in multiplayer will take you minutes -- because he changes his behavior if there are few players.

I was playing the game with my friend and kept two separate saves for single and multiplayer games. On singleplayer save i had 30+ lives by second world and on multiplayer save file i once had to grind for lives because we went down to zero.

pPatkoDecember 02, 2013

@Guillome  Dash Rendar?!  MIND BLOWN

I suspected as much, Azeke. The girlfriend and I are on the final final final world, and it's glaringly obvious a player alone could not tackle what we're having to deal with.

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