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RFN at E3 2013: Nintendo Direct Reactions and Cloudberry Kingdom Interview

by James Jones and Jonathan Metts - June 12, 2013, 11:13 am EDT
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This isn't even all the content we recorded on Day 1 of the show.

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To kick off RFN's coverage of E3 2013, we experimented with Nintendo's new format by turning on a recorder while most of the NWR crew jammed into a hotel room to watch a Nintendo Direct at 7am. Things did not go well. Even if you're completely satisfied with the content (most of us were not), the viewing experience was abysmal. Still, we kept up our commentary the whole time, and now you can hear what it's like being Nintendo-centric media at E3, shut out of even the most biggest announcements as they happen. Thrilling!

Also included in this episode is a brief interview with Pwnee Studios from the show floor. They're the guys making Cloudberry Kingdom, which is coming out soon on Wii U eShop (and other platforms, thanks to Ubisoft). Learn about why this 2D platformer is so different from others you may have played.

There's much, much more RFN coming soon from at the show and back home, as well.

This episode was edited by James Jones.


SorenJune 12, 2013

Great job as always guys. You captured the world'd frustration with the Nintendo Direct perfectly. I also enjoyed the Cloudberry Kingdom interview. I can't wait to play that game.

TJ SpykeJune 12, 2013

The content of the ND was not the best, but it was pretty good. As for the streaming problems, I didn't encounter them since I didn't watch it live (I watched it when Nintendo uploaded it to their YouTube channel).

I love that this immortalizes the way all of us who (tried to) watch it live felt.

zeeroidJune 14, 2013

I can only hope this experience teaches Nintendo once and for all that they need to ditch USTREAM. So shitty.
Literally rewatched the entire 40 minutes immediately after it ended, on youtube. In fact, I might just skip the livestream in the future, and wait for Youtube instead.

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