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Nintendo Pirate Radio: RetroActive Fridge Raid

by Karl Castaneda, Stan Ferguson, Jonathan Metts, and Mike Sklens - May 27, 2013, 3:23 pm PDT
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We now interrupt your regularly scheduled RFN for this randomized tour through the Wii Shop Channel.

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This episode is a major departure from the usual format, as the show is hijacked by the original gaming podcast pirates, Karl and Stan, as co-creator Mike Sklens and innocent bystander Jon Rind look on. Jonny is there too, compelled to host or else walk the plank right out of his own window.

The first main topic is an overview of Wii U from the perspective of three guys who are playing it for the first time this week -- in ideal conditions, no less. Impressions are strong, and despite some reservations about the current lineup, there is considerable hope for the unveiling to come at E3 in just a couple more weeks.

The second half of this episode is spent recounting our exploitation of Jonny's SD Card in Wii Mode, which is chock full of obscure Virtual Console games (from nearly every platform supported) and even more obscure WiiWare exclusives. It's an all-you-can-play buffet, and the list of games is just too long to recreate here, but you can follow the related game links on the right sidebar for more information about most of them.

The normal RFN crew will be back next week, with highly (or morbidly?) anticipated E3 predictions, plus all the actual new games they've been enjoying over a week off from the show.

This episode was edited by Jonathan Metts and Karl Castaneda.


Haha awesome. Pirate Radio is back!

Retro DeckadesMay 27, 2013

What a coincidence! I just happened to begin listening to all of the old "Nintendo Pirate Radio" episodes a little over a week ago.

SarailMay 27, 2013

NPR! Brilliant surprise! Haha...listening now!

Y'arr, there had better be Sweet Pete or ye be walkin' the plank.

Pixelated PixiesMay 27, 2013

Pulseman has been done a great disservice.

DamabaMay 27, 2013

looking forward to the predictions. Seems like after the Xbox one reveal, people have begun warming up to WiiU.

Mario Kart could of been amazing on the Wii if they had used the pointer and flicking motions for control instead of steering..

ClexYoshiMay 28, 2013

should have gotten James to host this. :P

Quote from: ClexYoshi

should have gotten James to host this. :P:

Haha yes! They could of reviewed Cocoto Kart Racer.

Cybernator, not Cybertron.

Art_de_CatMay 28, 2013

I will be dusting off some of my wiiware titles this weekend when I do a transfer to a possible wii u.

MASBMay 29, 2013

I've been re-listening to some old RFN episodes. I put this Pirate Radio episode in the queue and thought it was the next one that started. When the next episode began, I heard Jonny and Karl and thought this is going to be good, then Jonny introduced Greg, Jon and James. I thought "Greg's on the show? Wait, Greg's in Colorado with Jonny? Hold on..." it was episode 122. :p

Great little show and good discussion. Ya'll seemed to be having a good time. I've seen various Twitter pics and it seems like the gang got to see some good sights.

As for NPR... imagine Morning Edition hosted by Sweet Pete and Blue Balls.  ;D

Stealthy WarriorMay 29, 2013

It's heart-warming to see that there are people who remember Sweet Pete and Blue Balls.  Karl and I guessed there were maybe 6 people who remembered and 4 of them were at the table recording this episode.

Stealthy WarriorMay 29, 2013

I just noticed this was posted on my original forum SN.  But I can't remember the password to log in nor the email address I used to register it.  =o(

MASBMay 29, 2013

Quote from: Stealthy

I just noticed this was posted on my original forum SN.  But I can't remember the password to log in nor the email address I used to register it.  =o(

Couldn't one of the admins tell you? Surely both are stored on the server. The password if nothing else.

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