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Episode 312: Hail to the High Schooler

by Karl Castaneda, James Jones, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - October 27, 2012, 9:58 pm EDT
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A pirate steps into our midst, and we talk about Wii U... a lot.

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Our old friend Karl Castaneda steps into the fourth spot this week, but the star of the show is Guillaume, who's back from a Nintendo press event with impressions galore. Gui begins with a focus on upcoming 3DS games, including Fluidity: Spin Cycle, Crashmo, and his conversion on Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Karl follows up with the brand-new Liberation Maiden, the latest Suda 51 romp on eShop, plus some iPhone game called Letterpress. James dips back into some controversial games from weeks past, Dark Souls and Minecraft (XBLA), with plenty of harrowing stories from each. Jonny returns from his week off with another timely eShop game, NightSky, and effusive thoughts on the long-delayed quest through Final Fantasy V Advance.

For the second half of the episode, we focus on Wii U and start with the rest of Guillaume's impressions from that press event. He played a number of launch games that have clarified his expectations for the impending launch -- listen for Balloon Trip, Mario's Boost Mode, more ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden 3, and even the just-revealed Wii U version of Epic Mickey 2. James drops a surprise here, as well: he finally played the new console again for the first time since E3 2011, plus the upcoming Rayman Legends. Jonny kicks in his own rather late epiphany on Wii U as technical marvel, incited by the recent Iwata Asks. We pull it together by revising our launch title pick-up plans -- and yes, there are some surprises!

That's the bulk of the show, but we do leave with a quick preview of the 3rd Annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon -- coming up in just a couple of weeks, on Saturday Nov. 10. Please check out and bookmark the event page, and free up both your calendar and wallet for this very special day! You can also chip in an email for the show, as we'll probably get to some of your questions next week. Oh, and you should also check out Karl's website and podcast network over at Crosstawk, and Guillaume's Negative World Podcast appearance.

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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Retro DeckadesOctober 28, 2012

Looking forward to hearing more Wii U impressions and launch pick-up plans!

Speaking of which, I was reminded of how you guys are the definitive source for Nintendo news when I turned to Weekend Confirmed for their take on the Wii U press event in Sept. Theirs was the first well-known industry podcast I could find which covered the event, and I had to suffer through 10 minutes of them trying to comprehend why the system wasn't being sold with a remote! Ugh!

FjurbanskiOctober 28, 2012

Very surprised the people you're summoning are having trouble with the Gaping Dragon.

That's probably the easiest boss in the game, so if you're having trouble with him, you're in for a treat later.

What exactly is the problem you're having? How is he killing you? Because he only has like.. 3 attacks I think? And they're all pretty slow and easy to avoid if you can run/dodge fast enough. Are you wearing heavy armor and rolling too slowly? If so you might want to take off some armor so that you can fast roll and get out of the way of his attacks. Also, have you upgraded any equipment yet? Are you using 5 or ten flasks? Little things like that make a big difference.

happyastoriaOctober 28, 2012

Oh yes -- The Gaping Demon. Only the Japanese can come up with a boss like that... I really would like to meet the man who created it. What was going through his mind? How did it get approve? I mean, it even has a... In fact, it's the weak spot! Anyway, James, I'm enjoying your update on this and Minecraft. Please keep it coming. Me being being a big fan of the Souls games, I always love to hear conversations about it. Don't give up!

Hey Einstein!October 29, 2012

Wow Johnny, your "Wii U is more impressive than a tablet" monologue was quite something! You are certainly more enthusiastic then I am for Wii U at the moment. Obviously a new Nintendo console is cause for excitement but I still can't get past all the stuff it doesn't do, especially no Wii & VC games on the game pad screen.
I've decided to sit it out and play through my back log for at least six months.

rebonackOctober 29, 2012

Hahaha, I (sort of) got a shoutout in the chapter art. The image for Karl's Letterpress discussion is from a tweet I made, regarding the ... shall we say ... large range of words permitted in Letterpress. Thanks Gui  :P:

LithiumOctober 29, 2012

Karl Smith ftw

gojiraOctober 31, 2012

I just started playing Minecraft on the xbox as well.  So I'm loving James' stories. 

I built a railroad.


gojiraOctober 31, 2012

So much iron needed for rails.  I don't think I'll be building any of those for the time being.

Fatty The HuttOctober 31, 2012

Great episode! I, too, enjoyed Jonny's take on the care that has gone into the WiiU concept and execution.

And the minecraft stories - genius. I had just litened to Famicast priro to this episode and heard Ty's offhand remark about infiltrating James's game. The whole story was much better.

But, I don't get the joke in the episode title? Please to explain.

"Hail to the Chief" is a song played at official Presidential functions, such as inauguration. It's a reference to Karl's description of the Liberation Maiden protagonist. And don't ever feel bad about not getting a title; the jokes are often quite obscure.

Fatty The HuttOctober 31, 2012

Ah, I get it now, thanks.
I like it. It's clever!

Usually some actually says the joke title during the podcast. Don't recall that happening, may have missed it.

Quote from: gojira

So much iron needed for rails.  I don't think I'll be building any of those for the time being.

I stumbled across an old mine. I stole all their tracks.

gojiraOctober 31, 2012

I haven't found any old mines yet.  I have found a pretty big cavern with a lot of precious ores.  But also a lot of enemies.  I took care of the spawner and now I'm trying to light the place up so I can mine without being barraged by creepers.  Maybe I need to make a home in there so when I die I spawn nearby.

geoNovember 02, 2012

I had never thought of the point that jonny brought up about wiiU tablet vs smartglass/vita.  The tablet will just WORK.  That's all consumers want.  They want it to work, they want it to work the first time they do it, they want it to work with everything they do.  2nd screen support will work for every game, and it will work well, and it will work every time.  The other two will require downloads, updates, not every game (i'd be surprised if it's more than a handful EVER) will support it.  If i've learned anything about video game peripherals/gimmicks/whatever you call it, is that in order for the tech so succeed, EVERY consumer has to have one, not just a portion of your market.  That's why GBA/GC link cables/motion plus/PS Move/etc never really lived up to their full potential - no one wanted to support it because only a fraction of the market place had them/understood the concept.  The wii U tablet has potential to do some really neat stuff, but only because it WORKS and everyone has one.

So apparently, I say "Pullmo" a couple of times in this podcast? And no one corrected me? And no one in the comments or twitter told me? How come only just now did one of my friends ask me why I keep pretending a game called "Pullmo" exists? Hahaha.

TJ SpykeNovember 03, 2012

I noticed it, but I didn't post anything because I assumed you were just mixing the NA and EU names accidentally. LOL

imjust1nNovember 03, 2012

I just wanna add something. You are an adult your mind is far advance then a child. When not only trying to make a game like Paper Mario you are trying to make a game that you and a kid can enjoy. Combat is not gonna be complex. Nintendo kinda knows what games like zelda where its a puzzle game the puzzles are suppose to be get harder and harder but mario its a kiddy rpg...

KDR_11kNovember 04, 2012

I think calling the Wii U controller a tablet in the sense of the iPad and such is complete nonsense, it's not a standalone unit and thus fulfills an entirely different role. Yeah, it looks similar but if that's what defines a tablet then the word is worthless.

Quote from: imjust1n

I just wanna add something. You are an adult your mind is far advance then a child. When not only trying to make a game like Paper Mario you are trying to make a game that you and a kid can enjoy. Combat is not gonna be complex. Nintendo kinda knows what games like zelda where its a puzzle game the puzzles are suppose to be get harder and harder but mario its a kiddy rpg...

Puzzles in Zelda games don't get hard, those are still mostly action games. The puzzles hardly even register as such. Professor Layton, Fez, La Mulana, these have hard puzzles (though the latter two sometimes reach a level best described as total and utter bullshit).

negative_zeroNovember 07, 2012

Hey... was going to introduce myself but I see a lot of names I recognize.  For those I don't, I'm Andrew aka Zero aka the guy who runs the site Guillaume came from aka um... I'm not sure if there are any more akas.  I've listened to the podcast on and off for a year or so (although, admittedly, not as much lately, as Guillaume points out... I'm a busy man!) and I love it.

I wanted to comment on Pushmo.  Someone (I forget who) suggested something like you don't / can't really move yourself into a corner much in this game.  If we were only talking about the first 50-75% of the stages, I would agree.  Talking about the later stages though, I vehemently disagree.  They start to get very, very tough, and a large part of that difficulty comes from the fact that you no longer can just worry about getting to a place, but there starts to be a ton of backtracking and you start to have to think about how you are going to get up, back down, back up, back down, etc. without blocking yourself.  I'd go as far to say that learning how to move around and accomplish what you need to without blocking yourself is the major strategy needed for the later stages, and many a time did I have to restart a stage because I left a block hanging out or something or other and it made it impossible to progress.

I can understand though why you guys didn't comment on that, because Pushmo is a super long game and it seems that, love it or hate it, very few people even get to the later stages in this game, let alone finish them.

Anyway... love the show, the site, etc. and hope to be around more often moving forward!

Speaking of voices (in that other thread), this guy ^^ totally sounds like Ray Romano.

negative_zeroNovember 07, 2012

No one will believe you though, so I guess the only way to prove it is to have me be a guest on the podcast.  And then I can do my Ray Romano impression, which mostly consists of me saying things like "hey uh... it's Ray Romano, saying things that uh... Ray Romano would say..." because I have no idea what he actually says.

negative_zeroNovember 07, 2012

So, about Dark Souls... I haven't played it, but I have played Demon's Souls, and I feel like my experience was very similar.  It's a fun game moment to moment, but the overall unforgiving nature of it led me to ultimately stopping.  Still, I have always felt a sort of "guilt" much like Jon? felt where all of these other people were enjoying and finishing the game and I felt like maybe I was just approaching it wrong, etc.

However, I do kind of rebel against the idea that has been thrown at me a few times that I'm weak or something because it apparently was just "too hard" for me.  I don't think the difficulty level is my issue with Demon's Souls, and in fact I tend to like difficult games.  My issue is that you can spend a good 30-60+ minutes doing something, die, and actually be in a worse spot than when you started, and that is just frustrating and a bit of a turn-off.  At that point, is it really skill if you keep coming back for more?  Or just persistence?  Especially frustrating is when you spend all of that time and then die because of some weird trap or this or that, which can be avoided, sure, but can still feel cheap.  I don't even have much time to game nowadays, and after a couple of 1-2 hour sessions that ended with me in a worse spot than I started, I just couldn't find the will to go on.

I still get tempted to finish it sometime (I only finished 5 or 6 stages) but I kind of doubt that will happen.  The weird thing is, when Dark Souls was announced, I just kind of assumed they would tone down the unforgiving nature because that is what usually happens in the case of a "niche" game finding a bit of popularity and getting a sequel.  The developers usually try to shoot for that mass market that they just missed.  So I thought hey, maybe I'll just wait for that one and pick it up and it will be more what I am looking for.  But from everything I've heard, Dark Souls is just as bad, if not worse.

LithiumNovember 07, 2012

Quote from: negative_zero

No one will believe you though, so I guess the only way to prove it is to have me be a guest on the podcast.  And then I can do my Ray Romano impression


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