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Episode 229: Unicron-Approved

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Jonathan Metts - January 30, 2011, 1:44 pm EST
Total comments: 25

Jon sheds crippling responsibility and begins to whittle at his backlog.

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We had so much fun recording this episode that it was hard to stay on topic. In New Business, Jonny's current unemployment has provided him excessive free time with which to complete multiple games and even test the waters with FFCC: The Crystal Bearers and the shamefully hilarious Bulletstorm demo. James hops in a few minutes late to share updates on Goldeneye and 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Greg's dalliance with Transformers: War for Cybertron takes us into hilarious 80s nostalgia. Jon shows appreciation for the first Dead Space and finds multiple euphemisms in the critically acclaimed PSN title, Shatter.

Part Deux kicks off with a brief analysis of Sony's "NGP" handheld announcement, and how we think the system will stack up to Nintendo's own 3DS. Listener Mail follows with your questions and comments about anti-Nintendo GOTY awards, a scholarly defense of Sonic, a royal wedding (what?), DK: Jungle Beat, Scott Pilgrim, and Tomena Sanner. Did you get all that?

Don't forget that RetroActive #16 starts on next week's episode -- play along with us and discuss Ogre Battle 64 in the official forum thread! (It's also a great place to get help with strategy.) And be sure to book your travel and get registered for PAX East; the RFN panel is on March 12 at 10:30am. We'll see you in Boston!

This podcast was edited by Greg Leahy.

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adadadJanuary 30, 2011

The RFN crew weighing in on a royal wedding? This episode sounds like a must listen!

tyrian3January 30, 2011


the highlight of my podcast week is here :)

now, to my magic audio listening machine!

happyastoriaJanuary 30, 2011

Jonny, I'm so with you about Vinny. I was listening to the Giant Bombcast this morning and his description about the 3DS pissed me off. He sounded so unprofessional. The guys over at GB really could care less about Nintendo. They constantly get facts wrong. For example, they reviewed Dead Space: Extraction and yet seem to forget the game uses more than just the Wii Mote. Vinny wanted to know if he needed to buy a Navigation controller along with the wand for the PS3 version, and nobody gave him the right answer. I use to love GB, but the love they use to put into the podcast is not there anymore. In other words, they're doing it because they have to, unlike you guys, who do it for the love of gaming. It's pretty obvious nobody who works there cares about Nintendo or it's game. Unfortunately, IGN is heading into the same direction. I'm sure names (Gods) like Shigesato Itoi would fly over their heads. Thank jeebus for sites like NWR and GoNintendo.

I'm sorry I ranted there, but it needed to be said.

Also, to be fair, Destructoid is the only other site that gives Nintendo a whole lot of love. SMG 2 won game of the year and they gave DKCR a 10. They also spotlight many obscure Nintendo titles.


Fragile Dreams has so many problems, but I can't stop thinking how brilliant the game was. I wish they pulled a Silent Hill and removed the combat. Oh yeah, James, did you play the game in it's original Japaneses or in English?

I played it in English. I wanted to be able to read the stuff.

Kytim89January 30, 2011

Lambert is French and Van Dame is Belgian.

happyastoriaJanuary 30, 2011

Quote from: Crimm

I played it in English. I wanted to be able to read the stuff.

I can't stand the English voice acting on Seto, lol. It's strange because everyone else was voiced pretty well.

happyastoriaJanuary 30, 2011

Quote from: happyastoria

Quote from: Crimm

I played it in English. I wanted to be able to read the stuff.

I'm such an idiot. I just got what you just did there. You sir, are cruel.  :-[

jimwood27January 31, 2011

great discussion about GOTY awards and the Wii.  right on with a lot of my thoughts.  this anti-Wii (or whatever you want to call it) from other sites is what actually lead me to this site.  I dont buy the 'there is too much to play!' argument because these people should be knowledgeable of all platforms to some degree (especially the best-selling, cripes) but it is an active push by them to stay ignorant of Nintendo because of preconceived notions or this 'its not for us' sentiment that is ridiculous. 

it really speaks to the complete lack of professionalism with these supposed professional writers.  these sites are much more enthusiast press than credible news sources, pushing their own agendas, biases, and wants from games (catering to readers just like them and not wanting to branch out to the non-core, very similar to how this generation of consoles has played out).  the games industry still has a lot of growing up to do and the fact that these sites are still rather unprofessional, and are paid fanboys/trolls in a lot of respects, are maybe the first place the maturing needs to take place.

Retro DeckadesJanuary 31, 2011

Agreeing with happyastoria and jimwood. NWR is a breath of fresh air after wading through the unprofessionalism found at other sites.

Also, my favorite Transformers game is Blast Corps.

Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)January 31, 2011

100% concurred with everyone else. NWR's podcast line-up is pretty much all I listen to now, as my brief forays into other podcasts have been painful. And it's not just the ignorance towards Nintendo platforms. Even with games that they like on HD systems, the guys on the HotSpot, or the Wiire, or the Bombcast... they seem so uneducated on almost anything they talk about. This really hit home when I listened to the podcast that Jonny guest-starred on that one time (I think it was Kombo Breaker) - no offence to the Kombo crew, but Jonny was holding up that discussion. The rest of them couldn't articulate their opinions beyond basic assertions.

Kudos to RFN for keeping the bar high.

FZeroBoyoJanuary 31, 2011

Yeah, this show certainly seems more professional than a lot of other ones I've listened to. Multiplatform gamers but you're not completely biased towards one particular console and you can validate your opinions quite well.

I played Crystal Bearers for a few hours and I felt it was alright. Was not compelled to keep playing for whatever reason but it was alright. I tried out the demo of Dead Space 2 and it wasn't entirely to my liking but I may give it another go soon.

Also, I'm surprised no one brought up Chrono Trigger when Jon was talking about his backlog. That one's been on there for ages it seems.

And of course, I enjoyed the segment on the "Nontendo" GOTY discussions. Certainly does summarize my thoughts on it quite well.

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

We ALWAYS bring up Chrono Trigger when Jon mentions his backlog. Actually, he's usually the first to mention it. I guess Greg cut it out for time.

YoshidiousGreg Leahy, Staff AlumnusJanuary 31, 2011

Quote from: Jonnyboy117

We ALWAYS bring up Chrono Trigger when Jon mentions his backlog. Actually, he's usually the first to mention it. I guess Greg cut it out for time.

James brought up Chrono Trigger of course, but it was lost in a cacophony of cross-talk as Jon attempted to defend himself and the rest of us taunted him, so it didn't end up in the final edit. Rest assured, we'll never let Jon forget his responsibility for saving the world from Lavos...eventually.

KisakiProjectJanuary 31, 2011

Yeha Interesting mention for Fragile.  I feel the same way.  It was flawed and per my email you read awhile ago I think it owuld have gone better had they not answered all the questions and focused instead on the emotional sense of isolation.  But yeah that games ability to make you feel depresssed and lonesome and the use of sound design are so unique they deserve mention.

AVJanuary 31, 2011

Great Podcast guys, I was LOL'ing when I was driving home listening to it today and agreed with you 100% on PSP2

I wasn't that impressed by Tomena Sanner, its just plain OK. The game repeats and the gimmick grows tiresome quickly and the game is fairly short. My video review is below:

Tomena sanner Wiiware Videogame Review

I agree with this episode. Even the Sonic part. (Last go-around I didn't agree with everything said about said mascot character.)

For those curious, I did apply for a Radio Trivia PAX East panel, but was denied. Boo-urns. It would have been pretty cool, too. Oh well, I'll still be there, heckling Jon from the crowd.

Bag of tomatoes.

Security isn't that tight.

SundoulosFebruary 01, 2011

Quote from: TheYoungerPlumber

For those curious, I did apply for a Radio Trivia PAX East panel, but was denied. Boo-urns. It would have been pretty cool, too.

That's a shame.  I could see a crowd at PAX really getting into that.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 01, 2011

Do not play Dead Space on PC. It's a ruined mess of a port control wise. Full of all sorts of bugs and the damn game was never patched. It's turned me off EA for another 5 years for this mess.

KDR_11kFebruary 01, 2011

I have to say that I don't see how Bit Trip Runner is even in the running for best downloadable game, that game just wasn't fun.

I got an issue of EGM in the mail the other day (I'm not sure why, since I don't subscribe to it), which included their end of year awards, and Bit.Trip Runner won something (not best downloadable game, though; that went, correctly in my opinion, to Super Meat Boy).

gojiraFebruary 01, 2011

I'm not much of a shooter fan, but I loved Transformers.  I played through the story mode and even Primed in the online mode.  The reason I really got into online had a lot to do with the multiplayer only demo that came out before the game released.  It had a team king of the hill type mode.  Which was somewhat similar to the old king of the hill matches I used to play in Perfect Dark.  For one since it's a team game, not everyone is out to get you.  Also having some direction of where to go and what to do helped since I never played any shooter online before. 

Power Struggle is the name of the mode in War for Cybertron I almost exclusively played.  There's another one I can't recall the name of that's also king of the hill style, but somewhat different.  So if a new player were interested in trying out online, I'd suggest trying there first.  Although I don't know how many people are playing these days.  Back when it came out it seemed most people were playing deathmatch and team deathmatch.

gbuellGrant Buell, Staff WriterFebruary 04, 2011

I can't believe Greg didn't correct Jonny's "Manchester-ian Candidate" joke to "Mancunian Candidate"! I was seething with nerd angst for like ten minutes after that omission. Otherwise, great show! :)

adadadFebruary 04, 2011

Quote from: gbuell

I can't believe Greg didn't correct Jonny's "Manchester-ian Candidate" joke to "Mancunian Candidate"! I was seething with nerd angst for like ten minutes after that omission. Otherwise, great show! :)

Especially considering how the pun is much closer with the correct term, it is a strange omission indeed!

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the city of Mancua.

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