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Virtual Console Recommendations: Blue, Green, and RPG All Over

Splatterhouse 2

by Lasse Pallesen - August 30, 2008, 2:28 pm EDT

When you punch a beast in Splatterhouse 2, he doesn't just fall over. He breaks in half, and green goo oozes from his two body parts. This kind of exaggerated violence is beautifully complemented by an eerie score and some quite terrifying environments, ranging from monster-infested forests to torture chambers and claustrophobic elevators. The presentation is clearly what made the game stand out in the early nineties and now on the Virtual Console, which just got its first Mature-rated title in Splatterhouse 2.

Sadly, the game doesn't play as extraordinarily as it looks. You walk from left to right while punching, kicking, and mowing down supernatural beasts with your chainsaw. Each of the eight short levels culminates in a boss fight where your pattern recognition skills almost completely determine your success. In fact, the entire game is laden with trial-and-error moments that are practically impossible to overcome the first time. Whether the game makes enemies suddenly drop down from the ceiling upon your head or small critters appear and jump at you while in mid-air, Splatterhouse 2 constantly tests your frustration levels. However, if you enjoy this kind of sadistic level design, then Splatterhouse 2 probably deserves your attention.

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