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North America

Steel Diver

by Matthew Blundon - June 20, 2010, 10:04 am EDT
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Originally designed for the Nintendo DS, Steel Diver has now resurfaced for the Nintendo 3DS.

Steel Diver started out as a demo for the Nintendo DS, but after Nintendo realized how much the Nintendo 3DS could add to the title, they switched boats and started designing the title for their new handheld.

Now, six years after it was first shown, Steel Diver has resurfaced for the Nintendo 3DS, and there is no doubt about it that the Nintendo 3DS makes the game look a whole lot better. For gamers who were given the opportunity to play the title at Nintendo’s both at E3, Steel Diver makes gamers feel as though they are viewing into an aquarium.

Steel Diver is an action-simulation game in which gamers use the touch-screen to manipulate submarines through the ocean, using switches and levers on the touch screen to control the speed, depth, pitch and torpedoes of their submarines.

Not much is known about Steel Diver, but given its lengthy development history, gamers should expect to be able to play this within the Nintendo 3DS’s launch window.

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Game Profile

Steel Diver Box Art

Genre Action

Worldwide Releases

na: Steel Diver
Release Mar 27, 2011
RatingEveryone 10+
jpn: Steel Diver
Release May 12, 2011
eu: Steel Diver
Release May 06, 2011
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