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by Nick DiMola - July 24, 2008, 8:58 am EDT
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EA's rhythmic action adventure title will feature accessible gameplay for children and adults alike.

Zubo is a zany title from EA's Casual Entertainment label that encompasses a range of genres including action, adventure, and rhythm topped with a healthy dose of comedy. The title focuses on providing an experience best suited for children seven and up, though will likely appeal to adults as well.

The 3D world of Zubalon is a colorful place inhabited by the game's starring characters, the Zubo. Unfortunately, players find the world of Zubalon under attack from the evil Big Head and his army of Zubo clones and Zombos. Players must befriend Zubos along the way to build an army to fight the Zombos.

Zombos encountered will be chased off when a strategic action rhythm battle is won. Players will be able to explore the ten lands of Zubalon with the ability to befriend up to 55 Zubos. The quest will allow for the enhancement of the abilities of each of the Zubos in a squad in order to better defeat Big Head.

Zubo will also feature 100 comedy battle moves as well as ten custom composed team musical themes. Players will also be able to engage in the wide variety of mini-games including blow away cobwebs, play the drums, escape the Heart Maze, pop balloons, dig for treasure, and Whack-A-Zombie in order to progress to the next level.

Players looking to extend their play experience will be able to do so by squaring off with friends in the Local WiFi mode.

Zubo will be available this fall exclusively on the DS.

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Zubo Box Art

Genre Rhythm
Developer Electronic Arts

Worldwide Releases

na: Zubo
Release Mar 11, 2009
PublisherEmpire Interactive
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