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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Vincent Anderson - May 12, 2006, 9:37 am EDT
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Here's some recent information on the "Wii-make" to get you ready for this launch title.

Last updated: 10/08/2006 by Jonathan Metts

We first learned of Trauma Center: Second Opinion at E3 2006, and although the game wasn't playable then, Atlus did give us a lot of information about the game. At the time, we could tell that it would be very similar to the original DS game, but just how closely the two are related wouldn't be revealed until later in the summer. Second Opinion's title is apt indeed, as the game is an extended remake of the DS version with additional missions, some new tools, and (obviously) better graphics. But the majority of the game is identical to the original version…except, of course, that you're playing with the Wii controller.

The remote uses surgical tools, while the nunchuk's joystick lets you instantly select tools from an octagonal menu on the screen. This new interface may take some practice for anyone familiar with the touch screen controls, but it’ll definitely let you play faster, and saving a few seconds in this game can mean life or death. The tools themselves are mostly unchanged, but using them is going to feel much different with the remote. One new tool is the defibrillator, which actually requires you to press both the B and Z buttons (on the remote and nunchuk, respectively) at a certain time to zap the patient's heart.

Much is still unknown about the new playable doctor, but we do know that he (or she) has a mission in the dark and must operate within the narrow beam of a flashlight, and another mission to reconstruct bones in the arm. Pieces of the bone must be rotated with the remote and placed correctly in the arm, like a jigsaw puzzle. This mission is also notable because it involves operating on an extremity, whereas nearly all of the original missions take place in the torso. What's next, brain surgery?

The true extent of Second Opinion's new missions and features may not be known until closer to the Wii launch, but Trauma Center fans and everyone who missed the DS version should be keeping an eye on this game. For anyone who thinks the early Wii game selection includes too many casual, party-style titles, Atlus is offering Second Opinion as a serious, challenging option that still fully utilizes Wii's unique interface.

Last updated: 05/12/2006 by Vincent Anderson

Atlus' Trauma Center: Under the Knife was heralded as an excellent start to a new franchise for Atlus. They decided to build upon that success with a sequel for Nintendo's Wii, aptly named Trauma Center: Second Opinion.

In a brief video/interview session with Atlus, we were able to pry some interesting information about the sequel. Derek Stiles (and his partner Angie) will be back at it for a second time, but in Second Opinion, Derek will be joined by another doctor. It isn't known whether this doctor is a he or she, but we were told that this doctor will most likely have the darker story of the two. The two doctors will have their own storylines until the later stages of the game, where they will combine forces. Despite the presence of two main characters, Second Opinion will be a single-player game.

All the classic Trauma Center instruments will be making a return, including the scalpel, bandage, and syringe. This time however, it won't be a simple matter of just making sure you're putting the instrument where it needs to go. Depth will play a part in the game. So, it would probably be a bad idea to just plunge your scalpel into a patient with wanton force.

For those of you who became frustrated at the difficulty of the DS version (myself included), you can breathe a sigh of relief. Trauma Center: Second Opinion will feature an adjustable difficulty setting. Also, when playing through a surgery for a second time, any and all nurse disruptions will be automatically skipped so that the action doesn't come to an abrupt stop.

At the start, most surgeries will have an air of normalcy as you get used to the controls and any new instruments. Later on in the game though, the sci-fi story will kick in (just like the DS version) and you'll go from there. Most of the surgeries for right now are still focusing on the torso, but it's not known whether they'll branch out from there or not. There will however be more missions based on things like the diffusing of a bomb found in Under the Knife.

The art style employed for Second Opinion will be the same as in the DS version. The characters themselves are drawn anime style, while the inside of your patient uses a more detailed approach. Just think of the DS version with more style. The point here is that they still aren't going for realistic bodies, mainly because they'd like to keep Second Opinion a Teen rated game.

A number of things are still up in the air, such as how rumble will be used in the game. Voice acting has been brought up and it will be debated as to whether actual dialogue will be spoken or if they'll just stick to text. Atlus assured us that at the very least the small samples that were used in the DS game will make an appearance in Second Opinion. They're also not quite sure yet how the Wii remote's speaker will factor into the game.

Atlus hopes to have Trauma Center: Second Opinion available at Wii launch.


CalibanMay 12, 2006

At launch? Wow, that's awesome news. I still need to finish the DS version though lol.

KnowsNothingMay 12, 2006


CalibanMay 12, 2006


GriffinMay 13, 2006

Damnit. Another game to pick up at launch. Thank god I'll have 350-400 dollars left over from NOT buying a PS3. It's funny, I heard this game was going to be on the Wii, then I heard it was only going to be on PS3. Then, I heard/read that it was actually going to be on both systems. Thankfully, one of the Atlus reps told me at E3 that it has always just been Wii exclusive. Obviously, it makes sense, but it sounds great to hear it in person. face-icon-small-smile.gif

CapMay 15, 2006

after recently picking up the ds version of trauma center(which seems to be available in stores again, at least every eb i go too), i'm definately going to pick this up for wii. i can only imagine how difficult it will be with the added worry of cutting too deep.

NinGurl69 *hugglesOctober 08, 2006


Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusOctober 09, 2006


... but I'll still wind up buying this game anyway.

Bill AurionOctober 09, 2006

Mmmmm, one of my four launch title must-gets...I never found the time (or money) to get the DS version so this will be extra-special!

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