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Official North American DS List Revealed

August 10, 2004, 7:57 am EDT
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NOA finally lets the cats out of their respective bags.


Publishers Confirm More Than 60 New Games in Development for Western Hemisphere

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 10, 2004 – Nintendo DS™ will rock the Western Hemisphere with an amazing lineup of games, as the video game industry's heavy hitters prepare to support Nintendo's revolutionary dual-screened hand-held innovation. Many of the industry's biggest software companies confirm that they will deliver names like Madden NFL, Viewtiful Joe, Rayman and SpongeBob SquarePants to the Nintendo DS, so players can enjoy their favorite franchises in ways never before possible.

"Publishers worldwide have taken the unique creative tools of our dual-screened Nintendo DS and used them to invent completely new ways to play," says Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing. "Just imagine the possibilities that a touch screen, voice recognition and wireless multiplayer action bring to video games."

Upcoming games from publishers like Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Capcom, Atari, Sega, Activision, Konami, Namco, Ubisoft, Vivendi Universal Games, THQ, Majesco and others demonstrate the broad range of support that Nintendo DS enjoys.

"EA's studio teams are working on a lot of great titles for the Nintendo DS," says Steve Chiang, General Manager of EA's Tiburon Studio, which makes Madden NFL.

"With the wireless feature, Madden players will be able to battle one another head-to-head like never before on a portable system."

"From the first time we saw the abilities of the Nintendo DS, we knew we had something extraordinary in our hands," says Will Kassoy, Activision's vice president of global brand management. "Our developers dove right in and made the most of the unique features of this revolutionary new system."

"THQ will be a big supporter of the hand-held Nintendo DS," says Brian Farrell, THQ's president and CEO. "The untapped capabilities demonstrate an exciting leap in hand-held video game technology."

Software companies around the globe have more than 120 Nintendo DS games in development. The following list includes a partial sampling of publishers and Nintendo DS games in development for the Western Hemisphere, with more to be announced in the future. Note that many are working titles, and that the information is subject to change.

Atari, Inc.

• Atari Classics

Atlus USA

• Caduceus

• Snowboard Kids DS

• Plus three additional titles in development

Bandai Entertainment Inc.

• Meteos

• Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

• Plus one additional title in development

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

• Mega Man Battle Network

• Viewtiful Joe

• Plus one additional title in development

Electronic Arts

• GoldenEye

• Madden NFL

• Need For Speed Underground

• Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf

• The URBZ: Sims in the City

Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.

• Bomberman

Koei Co., Ltd.

• Dynasty Warriors (working title)

• Plus two additional titles in development

Konami Digital Entertainment

• Boktai (working title)

• Castlevania (working title)

• Dragon Booster (working title)

• Frogger 2005 (working title)

• Survival Kids (working title)

• World Soccer Winning Eleven series (working title)

• Vandal Hearts (working titles)

• WINX (working title)

• Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour


• Moonlight Fables

• Nanostray

• Plus at least three additional titles in development

Namco Hometek Inc.

• New Mr. Driller (working title)

• Pac 'n Roll (working title)

• Pac-Pix (working title)

Orbital Media

• Four titles in development, including the genres of action platformer, strategy role-playing, combat racing and family.

SEGA of America, Inc.

• Project Rub (working title)

• Sonic DS (working title)

Square Enix Co., Ltd.

• A new story of Secret of Mana

• A new story of Slime Morimori Dragon Quest

• Dragon Quest Monsters series

• Egg Monster Heroes

• Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

Summitsoft Corporation

• Air Assault 2

• Organizer Plus

Tecmo, Inc.

• Monster Rancher

• Plus one additional title in development

Telegames, Inc.

• Ultimate Brain Games

• Ultimate Card Games

• Ultimate Pocket Games


• SpongeBob SquarePants

• Plus five additional titles in development

Ubisoft Entertainment

• Asphalt GT

• Rayman

• Plus additional titles in development, including a major movie license for early 2005

Vivendi Universal Games

• Robots


JaleAugust 10, 2004

I really hope this is old goldeneye not the new evil one.

Bill AurionAugust 10, 2004

It'll be the new evil one, of course... -___-

GaimeGuyAugust 10, 2004

Why does everyone think it's going to be the old one? Everywhere I look, people are thinking that. HELLO? The old goldeneye wasn't an EA game.

ralph98201August 10, 2004

i don't know exactly what you were trying to say gaimeguy, but i for one am pretty disappointed to see goldeneye coming from EA. i wish it could have come from Rare, if they're making DS games, they knew how to put together a quality nintendo 64 shooter . other than that, it seems to me that ninty is doing the good thing, setting up a pretty impressive starting line up, at least one that i can look forward to, rather than having me bank on later releases. i just hope this is a precurser of what's to come with their next console launch. out.

Spak-SpangAugust 10, 2004


Question. Nintendo licensed the rights to create the game Goldeneye. Do those rights ever expire? If they do then Nintendo may not ever be able to release the original Goldeneye again, unless they repurchase the rights to do so.

I really don't see this happening. On the other hand, Goldeneye is one of the few FPS games that I think would work on the DS. For one because the game practically required you to stop and make precision shots...even in Multiplayer. So duel analog isn't as important.

This list is a very good list of games. Even if just half the games are launch games, we have a very very solid line, even without Nintendos launch games.

Let's hope that the developers actually release quality games, and aren't just trying to make an easy buck or two with the new market.

Kirby_PopStarAugust 10, 2004

WHY ISN'T GANBARE GOEMON COMING OUT IN THE UNITED STATES!?!?!? *throws things around in a furious rage*

babaloulouAugust 10, 2004


Bill AurionAugust 10, 2004

This is mostly just Western publisher info...

VideoGamerJAugust 10, 2004

I too am angry about the absence of Goemon. I love that franchise so much, but Konami just won't give it a chance here in America. One of my favorites is Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, not to mention the various SNES ones.

Anyway, as far as Goldeneye goes, of course it's going to be the new one. First off, no, Nintendo does not have rights to James Bond games anymore and even though Rare can develop for DS, they aren't going to do a hit like Goldeneye. Second, it's in my opinion that Rare's talent in that area is long gone; am I the only one not looking forward to their future FPS projects. They don't have the successful development team they once had.

My main concern is the lack of Final Fantasy by Square Enix. I am very afraid that they will put out the real FF games on PSP due to it's counteractivity with PS2. Their showing of Crystal Chronicals does not thrill me.

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusAugust 10, 2004

Well square-enix shows no real interest in the PSP except for the FF7:Advent of Children movie they will release on it, so I wouldnt be really concerned about it since FF's most likely requires disc streaming wich will most likely kill the battery life on the PSP and S-E already pledged 5 games on the DS.

ruby_onixAugust 10, 2004


Question. Nintendo licensed the rights to create the game Goldeneye. Do those rights ever expire? If they do then Nintendo may not ever be able to release the original Goldeneye again, unless they repurchase the rights to do so.

AFAIK, Nintendo's licenced rights to make 007 games (or, to have Rare make them) can expire, and did expire, and were eventually picked up by EA. Nintendo can't make Goldeneye anymore (since they can't make any 007 games). And EA (or anyone else for that matter) can't make the original Goldeneye either (since Nintendo owns the game code and whatnot).

Unless Nintendo waived their rights, and gave (or sold) permission to port/remake Goldeneye. Then it could be made by whoever currently has the rights to make James Bond games (which would be EA).

As for Rare's involvement (as the people who made the game for Nintendo in the first place), the bulk of "Goldeneye Team" at Rare is long gone, having formed Free Radical, and (AFAIK) is making Timespliiters games in partnership with a little company called... EA.

Also, here's what Rare had to say in their "Tepid Seat" column about the GBA ports they're making.

Q4: When it comes to developing stuff like the Donkey Kong Country ports or Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, how much input do the Rare members who did work on the original SNES versions of DKC or the N64 Banjo games get to put in it? I'd imagine that they'd have some influence or job, even if they are busy working elsewhere at Rare. (Dogadon)

A: There's not that much input given from the original teams. They've all moved on to different projects, and as we have a lot of experience creating games for the GBA, we're more or less left to get on with it.

Edit: BTW, here's another cryptic comment from Rare.

Q18: The new Nintendo DS is coming out late this year. What are you guys' plans on porting any of your immensely popular N64 titles to the DS? *cough, oh god, I think I got strep throat! *cough cough* PERFECT DARK ON DS!! *cough*. After all, the DS will be Wi-Fi enabled. Imagine... playing Perfect Dark... online. Yum. (Brian)

A: Sounds cool, but we're not doing any DS games, are we? Or are we? Or... are we?

kirby_killer_dededeAugust 10, 2004

GOLDENEYE ONLINE FOR FREAKING FREE BABY...I just hope it doesn't appear on the freaking PSP. Oy! Where has my Harvest Moon GOOOOOONE!??! BTW, we still might see Goemon, didn't it come out as an NES Classic here? And wasn't it also one of the better selling NES Classics?

joeamisAugust 10, 2004

I hope people on this forum will stop bashing Konami now that they're the top 3rd party supporter of the Nintendo DS in America...

Kirby_PopStarAugust 10, 2004

Goemon did not come out as an NES Classic in the US. It is in Famicom Mini Set 2, which has yet to come out in the United States. (And judging how poorly the NES Classic series sold here, it might not come out here at all.)

This wouldn't be such a big deal to me if someone would say "DS has no reigon lock-out"... but... this hasn't been confirmed yet. If so... importers rejoice!!! <(^_^)^

VideoGamerJAugust 10, 2004

I'm happy that Konami is supporting the DS, yes, but that doesn't make up for their complete absence in GCN games.

joeamisAugust 10, 2004

This has been a subject before in another thread, and Konami has supported the Gamecube with alot of titles. They just happen to focus their Gamecube releases with a lower demographic due to the fact of how their games sold on Nintendo 64. Here is some old data, I'm sure there are more games in development now than there was back in May.

Titles they've released/plan to for GBA:
Airforce Delta Strike
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Contra Advance
Disney Sports Basketball
Disney Sports Football
Disney Sports Motocross
Disney Sports Skateboarding
Disney Sports Snowboarding
Disney Sports Soccer
Frogger Advance: The Great Quest
Frogger Adv.: Temple of the Frog
Froggers Journey: Forgotten Relic
Froggers Adv. 2: The Lost Wand
Gradius Galaxies
KCS: Arcade Advanced
Konami Crazy Racers
Motocross Maniacs Advance
Ninja Five O
Shaman King
Silent Scope
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
WTA Tour Tennis
Yu-Gi-Oh: Dungeon Dice Monsters
Yu-Gi-Oh: Reshef of Destruction
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sacred Cards
Yu-Gi-Oh: World Championship 04
Yu-Gi-Oh: Worldwide Edition
Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

Titles they've released/plan to or helped develop for GC:
Disney Sports Basketball
Disney Sports Football
Disney Sports Skateboarding
Disney Sports Soccer
Evolution Skateboarding
Evolution Snowboarding
Froggers Adv. The Rescue
Frogger Beyond
Metal Gear Solid: TS
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
WTA Tour Tennis
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Falsebound Kingdom

Hmm that's 12 GC titles, now how many XB titles were listed? 13

NephilimAugust 10, 2004

RARE owned the *edit* licence to the James bond series not Nintendo

Im sure if rare was offered a ammount of large money to sell the game, then yes they would
esp to keep Microsoft happy, atleast they would of finally made some profit for M$

And I dont think Nintendo would say NO to the Goldeneye 007 code ported to DS
It would sell insanly well and nintendo would end up better off!

ruby_onixAugust 10, 2004

"Rare Limited" would have owned the licence to make James Bond games, not "Rareware Limited". You know the difference, right?

"Rare Limited" was a fully-owned subsidiary of Nintendo (it reality, was just a big pile of Nintendo's money, with a deliberately confusing name, and an apparent "focus" on assisting Rareware).

"Rareware Limited" was the studio founded by the Stamper Brothers, which was owned 51% by the Stampers and 49% by Nintendo, before it was sold to Microsoft.

Rare (as Rareware Limited was commonly known) was Nintendo's beeyatch. Nintendo was their master. Rare didn't actually own squat. Everything was either owned by Nintendo, or by Rare Limited (which means Nintendo).

Shortly before Microsoft purchased Rare, Nintendo dissolved "Rare Limited", and numerous specific properties commonly accepted to be "Rare games" were quietly transferred, from being owned by Nintendo and Rare Limited, to now being owned by the Stamper Brothers.

No Donkey Kong or Starfox properties were transferred, for obvious reasons. Logically, there also would've been no reason to transfer the rights to Goldeneye (since neither Nintendo nor Rare can really "use" them for anything more than a bargaining chip).

RareWareAugust 10, 2004

Oh yeah I forgot, Nintendo retail reps are saying $179.99 for the US on Nov. 1st.

SylAugust 10, 2004

Where are the marvelous titles?

DjunknownAugust 12, 2004

Whine whine whine...

*looks at title graphic*

Never mind...

The fact they have a (tentative) list out already, not even mid August shows some speediness on Nintendo's part. It'll be interesting how Madden turns out on the DS; if the casual gamers bite, PSP will have quite a mountain to climb.