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The Horde is Unleashed

December 12, 2003, 1:03 am EST
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Have the urge to command some goblins? Then today is your lucky day!

Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde ships on GameCube

Buffalo, New York (December 12, 2003) - The Nintendo GameCube version of Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde ships to stores today (Friday), Jaleco Entertainment announced.

Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde is an action-strategy video game designed specifically for next-generation consoles. Experience the rush of amassing hordes of goblins under your control, embark on thrilling adventures, and engage in spectacular battles with enemy clans.

Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde features 25 specialized goblin characters in five element-focused clans, 29 total single- and multi-player campaign levels, and 17 missions. Take direct control of characters, upgrade units, acquire and manage resources, wreak havoc on destructible environments and enlist the convenient strategy waypoints, all with unprecedented ease. Operate the intuitive camera system to view units and battles from any preferred angle. Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde is creating a new genre on the console and could change the way strategy games are developed in the future.

Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde is also available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. The game is rated "T" for Teen and will retail for $39.99 on the GameCube and $49.99 on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox platforms. Got to www.goblincommander.com for more information.

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