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Nintendo Launches Rewards Program

December 10, 2003, 8:24 pm EST
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Nintendo has some great benefits for dedicated fans. Want to preview upcoming games?


Three-Tiered Online Program Lets Nintendo Customers' Voices Be Heard

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 10, 2003 – Nintendo of America, a company that's universally recognized for its deep and loyal fan base, now takes its customer relationships to the next level with the creation of a Customer Loyalty Program. Part of a completely redesigned Nintendo.com Web site, the three-tiered program rewards players for their site participation with exclusive news and inside information while soliciting feedback on Nintendo systems and games.

The Customer Loyalty Program's first free reward is The Legend of Zelda® Collector's Edition disc, which users can get by registering two of Nintendo's hot holiday titles and their Nintendo GameCube system on the site.

"Nintendo players around the world exhibit a level of dedication and loyalty that is unmatched, and the updated Web site and our new Customer Loyalty Program focus on our greatest assets – our fans," said George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "As an extension of our ‘who are you?' campaign, the new Nintendo.com Web site lets players explore a community of emotions and personalities, and allows our consumers to share their passion for video games."

The Customer Loyalty Program gives Nintendo the opportunity to communicate easily with its millions of loyal fans. Select members also may receive special promotional offers or awards as a result of their site participation.

The new program offers three levels of membership:

* My Nintendo Members – All visitors to Nintendo.com can become registered My Nintendo members by providing their e-mail and home addresses. My Nintendo members may participate in surveys or forums and subscribe to value-added services such as e-newsletters.

* NSiders – By registering at least one Nintendo product on the site, My Nintendo members become NSiders. They get access to hidden game content, cheat codes and other valuable information that rewards them for their loyalty to Nintendo.

* Sage – Based on their frequent participation and feedback at the NSider level, the most dedicated customers may be offered Sage membership, bringing them into an inner circle of influencers who can retrieve premium content, help moderate forums and occasionally preview new Nintendo games and initiatives.

"The new Nintendo.com Web site will enable us to further strengthen our relationships with our valued customers," said Dan Owsen, Nintendo of America's online manager. "A higher level of feedback provided by our fans will give us a better view of what our fans want, which will help us tailor future marketing campaigns, customer service outreach and even new products to meet their needs."

The "My Nintendo" Web site is a secure customer service portal that provides Nintendo customers a single access point to their personal profiles and transaction histories with Nintendo. In addition to registering members, the "My Nintendo" Web site allows consumers to determine the status of subscriptions, orders and repairs; lets people view and change their profile information and preferences; and allows parents to manage the content and services provided to their children.


Koopa TroopaDecember 10, 2003

Ohhh man! I must become a Sage!

dafunkk12December 10, 2003

Anyone else remember the old SAGE idea-submission "club" from the game dev Sapphire?

MikemnDecember 11, 2003

Heh. I'm already a Sage on this new loyality program.

Grey NinjaDecember 11, 2003

Screw you guys, I'm going to Nintendo.com's forums!

AJL221893December 11, 2003

So how do we find out what level we are?

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