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Datel Splits with InterAct

December 5, 2002, 9:26 pm EST
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The maker of the GameShark will now market the device as Action Replay in the US and finally release a version for GameCube.


Clearwater, FL - December 5, 2002 - Datel Electronics, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of videogame enhancement products has terminated its distribution agreement with InterAct Accessories and will no longer supply game enhancers or hardware accessories sold under the GameShark™ brand.

Over the past 6 years, the Datel developed, and GameShark™ branded, game enhancers have become the most popular cheat device in North America selling in excess of 4 million units.

In response to the overwhelming demand, Datel will begin distributing its line of game enhancers and leading edge accessories direct to retailers under the Action Replay brand through its US based corporation, Datel Design & Development, Inc., located in Clearwater, Florida.

“Although our relationship with InterAct has ended, we continue on with the technology, creative talent and manufacturing expertise to expand on what we started a number of years ago”, says Mike Connors, Managing Director of Datel Electronics, LTD. “We look to the future with great excitement and a commitment to continue building next generation products that will further enhance the gaming experience.”

Datel will officially kick off its US launch with the much anticipated release of the first and only game enhancement solution for the GameCube platform. Created by the same team that developed software for the GameShark™, Action Replay for GameCube will come loaded with codes for every GameCube title released at the time of manufacture. As expected by millions of fans, free code updates will be available at the company’s official Action Replay website, www.codejunkies.com. Action Replay for GameCube is set to provide gamers with the extra lives, ammo, level selects, and other cheats they’ve come to expect from Datel’s seasoned team of hackers. Expect the Action Replay for GameCube to hit stores in late December at a retail price of $39.99.

For the PlayStation 2 platform, Datel continues its domination with a full line of game enhancement products. To ensure gamers experience a seamless transition from the GameShark™2, the Action Replay for PS2 employs the same user interface and code type format. All Action Replay codes will be 100% compatible with their GameShark™2 counterparts, ensuring no gamer using Datel designed technology will be left in the cold. Action Replay is also 100% backward compatible with InterAct’s previously sold SharkPort and SharkBoard branded hardware accessories.

Action Replay for PS2 comes complete with an unprecedented 17,000 pre-loaded game codes for hundreds of the hottest PS2 games including GTA Vice City and Tony Hawk 4, as well as an 8 megabyte memory card to store tons of new codes or game saves for only $39.99. Datel is also releasing a limited edition version of Action Replay with a 16 megabyte memory card for only $49.99. Both products launch in December. As always, free code updates will be posted daily at the company’s official Action Replay website, www.codejunkies.com.

For the budget conscious gamers, Datel has introduced a new line of inexpensive game enhancing alternatives under the Ultimate Codes brand. Each title provides a broad library of hot cheat codes expertly hacked by our in-house staff, for a single, hot-selling game. The Ultimate Codes product line will be available for both the PlayStation 2 and GameCube consoles and retail for $9.99.

To compliment its Action Replay branded software, Datel will continue to provide two of their highly successful hardware accessories for the PS2 platform as well as a third accessory that is sure to become a hit.

The X-Port, previously named SharkPort, allows gamers to connect their PS2 with a PC, providing game save storage capabilities limited only be the size of their PC’s hard drive. Additionally, game saves can be emailed to friends, or downloaded from online save sites. Action Replay code saves found at www.codejunkies.com can be downloaded and used immediately, eliminating the need to enter codes by hand. X-Port retails for $29.99 and is available now.

The PowerBoard, is a full function USB keyboard designed to work with the new Action Replay, and original GameShark™2, making new code entry faster and easier. The PowerBoard also acts as a controller for keyboard compatible PS2 First Person Shooters and many of the exciting new on-line enabled games. The PowerBoard retails for $19.99 and is available now.

To support the burgeoning growth of on-line gaming for PlayStation2, Datel is releasing a network/broadband adapter called Go-Net. Go-Net comes complete with the hardware and setup software necessary to allow gamers to immediately enjoy some of the hottest on-line enabled games to hit the market this Holiday season. Go-Net will be available in December and retail for $29.99.

Last but not least, Datel has not abandoned its Game Boy Advanced fans. Action Replay for GBA will release in January loaded with codes for the hottest game releases of the year. What’s even more exciting is that Datel will be releasing its Action Replay for GBA with a retail price of just $19.99!

Visit www.codejunkies.com to learn more about Datel’s exciting lineup of products.

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