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Conflict: Desert Storm Wins EMMA Award

December 2, 2002, 6:36 am EST
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The GameCube version doesn't come out here in the US for 3 months, but the game is already winning awards on other platforms. But what the heck is an EMMA?


29 November 2002 - Once again, SCi's best-selling game, CONFLICT: DESERT STORM has hit the target; this time by winning the prestigious EMMA award as the industry-leader in the 'Games - Console' category.

Beating Max Payne for the award, CONFLICT: DESERT STORM is based on the 1991Gulf War and is a 3rd-person squad-based action game, where the player takes control of an elite SAS or Delta Force Unit. Created with the help of a former SAS commander, Cameron Spence, the game offers unparalleled realism and A.I, and takes gamers behind enemy lines to infiltrate and neutralise key targets.

The game, which was released simultaneously for Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2 and PC platforms in September 2002, stormed to the top of the UK video game charts and has received much praise from all sectors of the video games industry.

The International EMMAs (Electronic Multimedia Awards) recognise excellence in digital media content creation through the acknowledgement of best practice. They are respected for their independence and impartiality and are widely recognised as the most prestigious interactive media awards. The awards are organized in conjunction with an international steering committee comprising experts from all sectors of the industry.

Marketing Manager, Justyna Cielecki added, "We knew it was a great game, the #1 chart slot meant gamers thought it was a great game and now the EMMA award proves it really is outstanding - Conflict: Desert Storm is a significant step forward in games design".

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