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Super Bubble Pop to Pop on GameCube and GBA

November 26, 2002, 6:04 pm EST
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Jaleco Entertainment Bops to the Beat with multi-platform Super Bubble Pop

Jaleco Entertainment announced on Friday it will publish the super-active puzzler Super Bubble Pop on the Game Boy® Advance, Nintendo GameCubeTM, XboxTM video game system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®.

Super Bubble Pop is a colorful, fast-action, pulse-pounding puzzle adventure, incorporating key elements of some of history's most classic games. Super Bubble Pop showcases stunning 3D graphics and light-sourced, environment mapped models that surpass anything available in the genre today.

Super Bubble Pop is a hyper-addictive puzzle challenge set to pulsating, electronica music. Super Bubble Pop incorporates "Power Ups" that give players abilities not available in any puzzle game to date. In the Head-2-Head multi-player game mode, characters can initiate a special "Super Attack" which greatly accelerates game play and will challenge even the most avid game players.

"Players pick from a list of whimsical characters, each with their own distinctive devastating attacks, to pop, bash and smash their way through over 150 levels," says Mick Waites, producer at the UK-based development studio, Runecraft.

Publisher Jaleco Entertainment will be releasing all four platforms in the UK in January '03, taking advantage of features unique to each platform. Says Jaleco Entertainment president, Dick Wnuk, "Super Bubble Pop offers a fun and highly addictive game play experience which will elevate the puzzle genre on the next-generation platforms."

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