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Tecmo Ships Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for DS

March 25, 2008, 3:34 pm PDT
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The wait is over for Ryu Hayabusa's latest adventure, and New Yorkers can get their copy autographed as well.

Tecmo Launches Ninja Gaiden® Dragon Sword

Prepare for Master Ninja Ryu Hayabusa’s Action Packed Adventure

Nintendo World Store and Director/Producer Yosuke Hayashi to Host In-Store Launch Event on March 26th

TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tecmo®, the company behind the ultimate ninja action game series Ninja Gaiden®, today announced the release of the highly-anticipated Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS™. The title is the first handheld installment in the popular series, which has sold over 2 million units worldwide. Players will fight enemy ninjas and battle various fiends while taking on the role of Master Ninja Ryu Hayabusa and will uncover all the mysteries of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword’s brand new storyline. The portable experience promises to deliver the same excitement as its console counterpart.

“Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword takes action gaming on the DS to a whole new level,” says Yoh Watanabe, Marketing Manager. “Both fans of the series and newcomers can look forward to an action-packed gameplay experience as they master their ninja skills and moves using the stylus.”

The game’s unique only-on-DS experience has earned high praise from the press:

“…Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword may be the most impressive achievement on the handheld to date” – Nintendo Power

“It is possibly the most technically proficient title available for the system, brimming with superb, smooth-as-silk visuals and sword-slashing sound effects that make the action practically spring off the screen.” – GameSpot.com

“…Visually, the game’s a stunner and the action is intense and almost non-stop” - IGN.com

“It’s clearly among the best-looking titles for the DS platform…Dragon Sword remains a solid example of how to forge a modern action game for the DS” – 1UP.com


Six months have passed since the Dark Dragon Blade Incident, the abominable attack on Hayabusa’s village. Just when calm had finally started to slowly settle over the nearly annihilated village, the story’s heroine Momiji is set upon and abducted by the Black Spider Clan, lead by the sorceress, Obaba. What exactly are their motives in carrying out such a dastardly deed? In order to rescue the kidnapped Momiji, Ryu Hayabusa commits himself to new battles…

The player maneuvers the main characters Ryu and Momiji to fight against the Black Spider Clan and the demons that lurk behind them. The story is organized into chapters, and as you solve the riddles posed at every turn you get closer to the core of the story. What awaits Ryu Hayabusa at the end of his heroic battles?


  • Innovative DS Stylus Functionality: Master your weapon – the DS stylus. Smoothly maneuver (slide, tap, up/down) and fight through levels with the intuitive operation of the stylus.

  • Hold the DS Like a Book: Hold the DS with one hand like a book to assist in the operation of the stylus which allows players to view a wider range of scenes, including battle areas, maps and beautifully illustrated comic-book style cut scenes.

  • Cast Ninpo, Ninja Magic, by Symbol Input: Using the DS stylus, draw various symbols to quickly execute numerous types of Ninpo.

  • Visually Stunning Graphics and Scenery: Experience a full-scale action game showcasing dynamic camera work and an artful blend of detailed 2D and 3D environments with 3D characters.

To celebrate the launch of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, the Nintendo World Store and Tecmo will be hosting an in-store event tomorrow, March 26th from 2 ~ 6 p.m. Participating guests will have a chance to test their ninja-stylus skills as they demo the game and Team NINJA’s director/producer Yosuke Hayashi will make an appearance for photo opportunities and to sign autographs. Information on the store can be found at www.nintendoworldstore.com.

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword has been rated “T” (Teen) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and carries a suggested retail price of US $34.99. More information on the title can be found at www.ninjagaidengame.com.


ShyGuyMarch 25, 2008

Rumor has it this is a good game.

CalibanMarch 25, 2008

Pre-ordered, and hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow. Which reminds me that I have to pre-order Ninja Gaiden II.

GoldenPhoenixMarch 25, 2008

I heard a rumor that this game makes Phantom Hourglass look good.

EnnerMarch 25, 2008

Portable Tsuna Drops and Flying Swallows! Yay!

IceColdMarch 26, 2008

I'm getting this for sure - it's the only game in the horizon, apart from Mario Kart, that I'm even interested in at this point.