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Three Games From Oxygen In March

March 20, 2008, 8:33 am PDT
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The European based publisher Oxygen Games will be shipping King of Clubs for Wii, and Hurry Up Hedgehog and Powershot Pinball Constructor on March 28th.

Put your balls in Bubba’s hands!!!

King of Clubs for the Nintendo Wii is shipping to a store near you!

Northampton, UK. 20th March 2008: Oxygen Games™ is pleased to announce that the wickedly fun and devious party game, King of Clubs, is shipping and will be in-store from 28th March 2008.

King of Clubs is an innovative action-puzzle game, combining the challenge of the

traditional ball-rolling puzzler with the classic tacky seaside pastime of mini-golf. As an

evolution of the puzzle genre, each level has multiple solutions, and as

further equipment is unlocked, new paths through each hole become viable. Building

on the great tradition of sorry-looking mini-golf courses, the game is set in a

dilapidated theme-park which takes decaying kitsch to new extremes.

Never the same game twice, this wacky puzzle game allows you to play with a ball that looks like an eyeball, leaves a purple trail and moo’s like a cow when you hit it! Not only that, but you can choose from a selection of clubs that will defy physics and chip your ball over all sorts of eclectic obstacles that may even score you a hole-in-none!

“Weird and wacky golf game that makes a dull sport hugely entertainingI” - Nuts Magazine

“It´s even more maddening and addictive than the real thing!” - 5/5 - BBC Focus Magazine

“It´s a pun that´s impossible to defy; King of Clubs has got lots of balls.” - Virgin Media

Possibly the wackiest golf game on the Nintendo Wii™ will be in shops from 28th March 2008.

Hurry Up Hedgehog – a cute addition to your Nintendo DS collection!

Release date set for Hurry up Hedgehog for the Nintendo DS.

Northampton, UK. 20th March 2008: Oxygen Games™ is pleased to announce that its cute and addictive puzzle title is now shipping and will be in the shops on 28th March 2008.

Hurry Up Hedgehog! Is both a simple and thoroughly addictive puzzler offering an easy-to-learn playing experience for the whole family to shrewdly manoeuvre their way to victory. For board game aficionados, it’s based on the popular board game, Igel Ärgern.

Play against the computer or with up to 5 friends on a single Nintendo DS™ (or with multiple consoles through local wi-fi) whilst dodging hazards and out-smarting friends to race your hedgehogs home.

Featuring multiple game play environments and a selection of customisable game play and game rules options, Hurry Up Hedgehog offers up to 32 unique ways to play the game providing enough depth to keep players coming back for more and more!

Hurry Up Hedgehog! – Race, creep, jostle and out-manoeuvre in this intriguing multi-player brainteaser for all ages.

Probably the cutest hedgehogs to be seen on the Nintendo DS™ will be in shops from 28th March 2008.

Powershot Pinball Constructor is shipping!

Play it. Create it. Share it.

Northampton, UK. 18th March 2008: Oxygen Games™ is excited to announce Powershot Pinball Constructor for the Nintendo DS™ is shipping and will be available in the shops from 28th March 2008.

Powershot Pinball Constructor offers pinball with a twist – disrupt your opponent’s game with the unique sabotage feature – shake their screen, invert their flippers or even deploy the penalty multi-ball!

Powershot Pinball Constructor also allows you to create and design your own customised pinball table. Share your creation with your friends by sending it wirelessly to their DS, then challenge them to a game and see who has got what it takes to reign supreme on the leader board!

Play it… with multiple modes. Create it… with the unique table editor. Share it… wirelessly with friends!

Powershot Pinball Constructor for the Nintendo DS™ will be available in-store on 28th March 2008.