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Emergency Mayhem Announced for Wii

December 19, 2007, 10:31 am EST
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Managing disasters never looked so fun.

The city's on fire and there are monkeys everywhere – it's bedlam in Codemasters®' Emergency Mayhem™.

Duck for cover as Codemasters puts players in charge of the emergency services in the most accident-prone city of all time!

Set to put the urgency into emergency, Codemasters® today announced Emergency Mayhem™ exclusively for Wii™. Coming Q2 2008, Emergency Mayhem puts the player at the helm of the three emergency services in a frantic race against time to hold together Crisis City, a mad metropolis falling apart at the seams.

Combining chaotic driving sequences with arcade mini-games, you'll be in stitches controlling the frenzied police, fire service or paramedics as they dash around the city from one emergency situation to the next. With over 30 missions, it's a non-stop time crisis where you'll be rescuing people from burning buildings, defusing bombs and more.

However, in this city, the emergencies are of a decidedly slapstick nature; crazy situations will have you hurling bananas at out-of-control monkeys, using a trampoline to bounce escaping prisoners back into custody and herding penguins to safety with hilarious consequences. In a city where there's always an urgent situation calling out for your attention, even those mischievous monkeys will get in your way

In Emergency Mayhem time is your enemy, relentlessly counting down as you take charge of a fire truck, ambulance, or police car to speed through the city's eight different districts to the next emergency. Have you got the nerves necessary to beat the clock and save the city? Find shortcuts, such as making use of the city's underground railways lines and even sewers, to get there on time and save the day.

When you reach the scene of the emergency play switches to one of over 30 mini-games which take unique advantage of the Wii Remote to solve crazy crises. Using the Wii Remote, you'll have to pump the to practice CPR, point it to direct water from a powerful hose, mimic a wrench to bring bursting water-hydrants under control and aim it to fire tranquiliser darts into on-the-rampage monkeys!

Get ready to put down those monkeys and put on the uniform in Q2 2008 when Codemasters launches Emergency Mayhem to the sound of sirens for Wii.


Infernal MonkeyDecember 20, 2007

This was known about since the Wii's launch, it was orignally a PS2 game that got canned. ='D Looks kinda cool!

Some strange freaky emergency-themed hybrid of Carnival Games and Crazy Taxi? ...actually, put that way, how was this game ever canned? It's perfectly positioned to be the next sales hit that baffles hardcore gamers everywhere!

Infernal MonkeyDecember 20, 2007

It was canned because the game was originally an Acclaim project back in 2004. =) But Codemasters obviously saw some good in it! But not for the PS2 version, oh ho ho!

Oh, Acclaim, that makes sense. Aren't they totally MMO-focused now?

As long as this is budget priced ($40 doesn't count) I may pick this up, though Q2 isn't very fleshed out so I don't know what it'll be up against.

I don't know insanolord, Q1 is already chock full of titles (Brawl, DQ:Swords, No More Heroes, Endless Ocean), so Q2 might itself turn out real hectic (Mario Kart and Wii Fit might hit around that time at least, and maybe Wii Ware).

I think Wii Ware has been confirmed for Q2, if not sooner, but due to my lack of blocks I won't be able to do much with it unless it's accompanied by a means to expand available storage (which it is rumored to be, though it may be one of those rumors that is only a rumor because everyone wants it to be true). Mario Kart is a definite buy, Wii Fit depends on what competition it has and its price (Nintendo really should sell it for the standard $50, I'm sure they'd still make money, it would take longer to cover the dev costs but it would sell so many more copies that way). I figured those would be there, I was talking about third-party stuff. As you may have noticed, Kairon, I also like to support third parties on Nintendo platforms, but I can only afford so many games and I have to make choices.