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Magical Starsign Gets European Release Date

December 20, 2006, 8:47 am EST
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Stars will light up across Europe on February 9th.

Reach For The Stars!

Magical Starsign launches on the Nintendo DS across Europe

20th December 2006, Look to the stars and get ready to battle your way across the galaxy and back again. Using magical powers, embark on an adventure through space, traveling to new planets in search of missing friends. With touch screen controls and gripping story, Magical Starsign is the ultimate interstellar RPG adventure! Magical Starsign launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS on 9th February 2007.

The students of Will-o-Wisp magical academy have a problem - their respected and powerful teacher, Madeleine, has mysteriously disappeared and now it’s up to them to find her. But it’s not that simple! Whilst commandeering rocket ships to find her they have become separated and are scattered far and wide throughout space. It is now up to you, the player, to rescue both the teacher and students - combining magic and technology - to create the ultimate team and perhaps save the solar system while you are at it!

Players can take on the role of either a male or female character and must hop from planet to planet, rounding up the lost students and fighting their way past monsters. As players progress through the game they can earn experience points and buy weapons, armour and other items. By gaining levels and power, eventually players are able to explore the whole world as they uncover the secret behind their teacher’s disappearance.

In Magical Starsign, the ability to control and master the Nintendo DS stylus is key. Players use the touch screen and stylus to do everything from combat to conversation. During combat, players tap the attack they want to use on the command wheel featured, then tap the target enemy to perform the chosen attack.

Attacks in Magical Starsign are of a magical nature with each character linked to the “Sign" of one of the planets. This Sign will determine the type of magic they use, with its strength and weakness determined by the stars as the planets move through the solar system. This doesn’t only apply to the player and their fellow students; tough monsters will also grow stronger as the planets move into prominence. Mastering an ever changing battle plan will therefore be key to a player’s success.

There are two forms of attack that players can carry out as they occupy “Ranks" in the game. From the Front Rank characters can attack individual enemies through physical or magical means. However, from the Back Rank, they cannot attack physically, but can take on a number of enemies at once using only their magical powers. To time a battle to perfection, players can assess the position of the planets via the Astrolog to make sure they enter into combat whilst at their strongest.

Magical Starsign also offers players the chance to team up with their friends and explore the Amigo Dungeon together. Up to six players can link together wirelessly to face numerous challenges and gain incredible rewards. Also through the wireless connection, players can enter Tag Mode. Here they can exchange data and grow unique ‘Egg’ characters which grow and hatch over time.

Enter Magical Starsign into your astrological chart as the planets come into alignment to mark its launch across Europe on 9th February 2007. Magical Starsign will be available for the estimated retail price of around £29.99.

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KDR_11kDecember 20, 2006

Yeah, I get it. EVERYTHING is released in February.

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