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The Linkup Engine Launches

December 7, 2004, 9:54 am EST
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Online service connects handheld gamers for multiplayer match-ups.

Free Online Service Finds Competition for Portable Video Game Players.

Lexington, NC -- The Linkup Engine, a new service from Quest Engine Incorporated, provides an easy and free way for Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony Playstation Portable players to find gaming competition in their own home town. New handheld video games appeal more and more to young adults who don't have the close circle of game-playing friends they might have had when they were still in high school. The Linkup Engine is a searchable online database of registered members that can be sorted by location (city, state, and country). Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a member by listing their contact information at www.linkupengine.com, and instantly search for competitors within reasonable driving distance.

Contact between members is initiated by a web-based email form, or through instant messenger at the member's discretion. With your privacy in mind, the Linkup Engine never posts your email address online. To accept an invitation, simply reply to the challenger's email or message and decide a time and place to meet and what games you'd like to play. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to join the Linkup Engine.

The Linkup Engine has been online for only 2 weeks and is currently registering over 120 new members per day.

For more information email linkup@questengine.com or visit http://www.linkupengine.com.


seen33December 10, 2004

wow.. i was surprised that i actually saw 2 people in my hometown signup for this already.

I wont be signing up however since i would never do this sort of thing and seeing how 2 player multiplayer gaming does not interest me . I wont be playing ds multiplayer ever unless warp pipe comes out with an online solution.

hats off to the linkup guys.. I just dont see it as something safe or fun to do.

HitmakerDecember 10, 2004


Originally posted by: seen33
I wont be playing ds multiplayer ever unless warp pipe comes out with an online solution.


Seems like they're already cooking up something

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